Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie Bars

We all know that I adore anything and everything with peanut butter. Really. Anything and everything. Remember a few days ago when I told you that I picked up...

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Grilled Corn

Of all the things that get thrown on the grill over the summer – hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, steaks, vegetables – one of the most underrated has to be...

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Sweet and Salty Brownies

Last weekend my Chief Culinary Consultant and I braved the crowds (and the heat) at the outlets and did some Memorial Day weekend shopping. It just so happened that...

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Top 10 List: Favorite Appetizer Recipes

Next to dessert, dips and appetizers are by far my favorite type of food. I could make meals out of just about any appetizer (and have on many occasions)....

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The Weekend Dish

The Weekend Dish: 6/4/2011

How has the first week of summer weather treated all of you? Did you take your inaugural trip to the local ice cream shop yet? Get your garden started?...

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Creamy Cucumber Salad

One of my favorite things about summer is a fresh cucumber salad. Bonus if the cucumbers come from a garden or farmer’s market! I love to slather a pita...

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Fruit Dip

This fruit dip is not fancy. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t emit foodie vibes. It’s easy. And comfortable. And feels like home. Since I have somehow never posted about...

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