Overnight Chilled Plum-Oatmeal Pudding

I have been a long-time lover of oatmeal since I was a kid. While I know a lot of people find it to be bland or mushy, I was...

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Malted Chocolate Chip Blondies

I absolutely, positively love malt flavor in my baked goods. I first used malted milk powder in my own kitchen a few years ago when I made chocolate Whopper...

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Quick & Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles

A few summers ago, I dipped my toes in the canning and preserving waters with some blueberry jam. Since then, I’ve also made canned dill pickles and refrigerator bread...

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Ultimate Banana Bread

Last week, there were bananas sitting on my counter that were in a sad state of affairs. They had gone from greenish to yellow to speckled to blackening. Fruit...

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The Weekend Dish: 11/15/2014

The Weekend Dish: 8/9/2014

Happy, happy Saturday to you! What do you have going on this weekend? Today I’m finally getting a way overdue haircut. My doctor has given me the no-no on...

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Friday Things

1. This week, we had our second training session with Duke (and Einstein joined in this time!). We did a lot of work with walking him and avoiding distractions and...

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Bacon Jam

Bacon. Jam. The term is actually a little misleading. When I was frying the bacon for this, my husband called in from another room and asked what I was...

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