Slow Cooker Root Beer Baked Beans

I have been on a little bit of a slow cooker bender recently. Between the weather cooling off and making way for heartier dinners, and my desire to minimize...

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The Weekend Dish

The Weekend Dish: 10/4/2014

Helloooo Saturday! I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start! We kicked it off yesterday by starting our baby registry, which was both fun and exhausting. So...

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Friday Things

1. Duke is EXTREMELY proud of himself. He’s been picking up and carrying around two tennis balls in his mouth since he was pretty young, but it took me...

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Chocolate Lover’s Cheesecake

I have been borderline obsessed with cheesecake for a very long time. I was in high school when I started requesting a cheesecake when my mom would ask what...

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14 of My Favorite Pumpkin Recipes

It’s October 1st, which means it’s the beginning of National Pumpkin Month! At the start of each new season, I love sharing all of my favorite seasonal recipes with...

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Apple Cheesecake Crumb Bars

Shortbread crust. Cheesecake. Spiced apples. Crumb topping. Fall baking doesn’t get too much better than that combination. I can’t ever turn down cheesecake, and that combined with apples (my...

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Beef Enchiladas

Mexican food is one of my favorite types of food to eat when I’m going out to eat. Italian usually pales in comparison to what I was used to...

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