Baking Basics: Cocoa Powder 101. An overview of the differences between natural cocoa and Dutch-process, and when to use them!

Baking Basics: Cocoa Powder 101

I’m back with another Baking Basics session this week! Today we’re talking chocolate… more specifically, cocoa powder! Cocoa powder is what is left over after cocoa butter has been...

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Better-Than-Box-Mix Brownies

These homemade brownies have all of the great texture and flavor of box-mix brownies, without any of the processed ingredients. Whenever I ask people what their favorite brownie is,...

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Healthier Honey-Fig Scones

These honey-fig scones boast a wonderful flavor combination of figs and honey, along with the better-for-you addition of white whole wheat flour. Figs are one of my husband’s favorite...

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The Weekend Dish: 5/7/2016

Hello weekend! I hope you had a fantastic week and that you have great things planned for the next couple of days. Are you doing anything special for Mother’s Day?...

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Friday Things

1. Big news! Joseph graduated from his swim class this week! They start to transition toddlers to the next class level around 16 months, and at our class on Wednesday...

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Tres Leches Cake

This Tres Leches Cake recipe is simple, easy and delicious! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Are you celebrating with copious amounts of salsa, guacamole and margaritas today? I’m totally craving...

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Copycat Chipotle Chicken Recipe

This copycat recipe for Chipotle chicken is spot-on, and arguably even better than the original! You will LOVE this marinade! I’m back today with the recipe I promised you...

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