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After finally delving into the world of SLR cameras, I have been trying to do a lot of reading and learning. I won’t lie – it’s much more complicated than I imagined it would be. I love seeing the resulting pictures, but I definitely still have a ton to learn about aperture, exposure speed, ISO, composition… and the list goes on and on. Not surprisingly, most of my camera practice has come in the form of photographing food, and while it has been great practice, I know that I need to branch out! Much like the motivation behind first starting my food blog (track my progress in the kitchen and try new things!) I am channeling the same motivation for improving my photography and learning as much as I can. So, welcome to my little photography corner of the web!

You’ll see that I already have some stuff posted here, let me explain…

Awhile back I found out about a couple of Flickr groups and photography blogs that post daily and weekly photography challenges. Sometimes the challenge is to photograph a specific type of subject, while sometimes the challenge is to use a specific photography technique. Sort of the photography equivalent to joining Daring Bakers back when I first started my food blog!

I joined the Our Daily Challenge group on Flickr back in January and was really enjoying taking a daily challenge picture each day and learning to be a little more creative. And then… I got lazy about it. No good excuse. Those daily challenges are the posts that you already see here on the photography blog. Take a browse through them and let me know what you think!

My good friend Kelly (from the blog the dSLR newbie) started her photography blog a little over a year ago when she began shooting with an SLR, and she introduced me to the Shutterboo weekly photography challenges. There is an overview on the Shutterboo blog, but all of the action happens on Flickr. I haven’t begun these challenges yet, but would like to start taking part!

And then there is Digital Photography School. Talk about a wealth of photography information! Most times when I visit the site I don’t even know where to start; lots of great information on technique, equipment, processing and editing, and there are forums if you have questions. The site also posts a weekly challenge, as well as a weekly assignment.

Finally, there’s Project 365. This has been around for quite awhile now and the project consists of taking at least one photo a day for an entire year and documenting them.

While I realize that I realistically won’t be able to keep up with every one of these, they are all great tools for me to finally jump in, get my feet wet, and start doing some serious learning when it comes to dSLR photography. I am also looking into taking a local photography class, and need to research the options that are available.

So, much like my food blog in the beginning, I am treating this site as motivation to keep the camera in my hands, learn more, tackle more advanced techniques, watch my progress and, most importantly, share it all with you! And I would definitely love any critiques or advice you have for me along the way!

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