Daily Challenge: What’s Cooking

Daily Challenge: What's Cookin'?

This challenge certainly had my name written all over it! It just so happened that I was already planning to bake this morning, so I seized the opportunity to try some different shots aside from the typical “finished food product” that I take most of the time.

One of the articles that I’ve found really helpful in learning about the different settings on my camera is this photography tutorial put together by Kevin & Amanda: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera. I’ve referred to it countless times in the last few weeks, and one of the things I wanted to work on today was adjusting the shutter speed to achieve a purposeful motion blur to illustrate speed. And what better subject than my whirling mixer?!

I shot this on manual and started with a super low exposure speed of 10 (the whole picture was blurry since I didn’t use a tripod) and kept bumping it up to see what the shots looked like. I kept the aperture set t 4.0, although I’m not sure if I should have increased it? I ended up liking this shot the best – the mixer bowl is in focus but you can see the speed blur affect I was going for with the mixer blade.

Moon Pies for everyone! :)

Camera Settings: Lens 50mm 1.8, ISO 1000, Aperture f/4.0, Exposure 1/100

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