10 Kitchen Favorites from Readers


Welcome to the new quarterly roundup of Brown Eyed Baker reader kitchen favorites! As a bit of background, I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program (many of you are probably aware of it, and may even be members too!), and what that means is that if I provide a link to a product on Amazon and someone makes a purchase after clicking that link, I receive a small (read, small) commission on the sale. As a result, I can download reports on what has been purchased, and to be honest, that is what I love most about it! I love seeing what my readers are loving at the moment, and have decided that it would be fun to share it with you all as well!

Usually you find roundups like this around the holidays, but I thought it would be something fun to do a few times throughout the year. Besides, there are birthdays year-round and Mother’s Day is coming up, so these may just inspire you to snag a gift for someone, add something to your own wish list, or decide to treat yourself! In any case, enjoy the virtual browsing!

Top 10 best sellers among Brown Eyed Baker readers during the first quarter of 2010:

Gourmet Today

Gourmet Today Cookbook

I received this book for Christmas, and it is a huge wealth of recipe after recipe that is better than the last. From old favorites to modern twists, it’s a great basic cooking book that you’ll want to add to your cookbook collection.


The Flavor Bible

The Flavor Bible

This book is still on my wish list, and I continue to hear fabulous things about it. If you are interested in spending any time at all in the kitchen, I think it would be a fabulous investment. The book provides a comprehensive index of ingredients and flavors, and lists complementary pairings. A great resource for cooks that want to get creative in the kitchen.

Escali Pana Digital Scale

Escali Pana Volume Measuring Scale

I have talked at great length about how important I think it is to weigh ingredients when baking, and this is the scale I use to it. Apparently some readers have taken my advice and recommendation to heart, because this has been a big seller! If you do any baking at all, I really believe your kitchen should have a scale!


The Super Peel Pizza Peel

I gave away one of these Super Peels back in January and can’t say enough about how much I love having a great pizza peel around when it’s a homemade pizza night. It makes baking pizza on a stone a breeze!


Magic Line 9-Inch Cake Pan

I was surprised and excited to see that Magic Line pans were one of the best sellers over the last few months. I don’t think I’ve really mentioned it, but I LOVE Magic Line pans and use them exclusively for all of my cake baking.

Bialetti 8-inch Saute Pan

Bialetti Italian Collection 8-Inch Saute Pan

I don’t have any experience with this pan or Bialetti in general, so I can’t offer any opinions, but it sure has been a big seller recently!

Beater Blade

Beater Blade

Most would argue that the Beater Blade is the single greatest invention since the Kitchen Aid itself. For those not familiar, there is a Beater Blade designed for each Kitchen Aid model, and its rubber “fins” scrape the side of the bowl as it mixes, eliminating the need for you to stop and scrap the bowl while mixing.

Cannoli Forms

Cannoli Forms, Set of 4

I had such a great time making cannoli over the holidays with my Chief Culinary Consultant’s family, and although it’s a time-consuming process the results are more than worth it.

Wilton Baby Theme Cookie Cutter 4 Piece Set

Wilton Baby Theme Cookie Cutter 4 Piece Set

Great cookie cutters for anyone with an upcoming baby shower, or a little one’s birthday party. I get the most use out of the onesie in this set, but they are all adorable!

Wilton Master Tip Set

Wilton Master Tip Set

Pretty much a treasured possession of mine. While I own even more tips than exist in this set, it’s a great starting point if you are at all interested in cake, cupcake or cookie decorating.

Happy Shopping!!