1st Birthday Party Smash Cake

1st Birthday Party Smash Cake

Since I don’t have kids yet, I am not always aware of the trends that go on in the child-raising world. Example #1:  the smash cake. This just popped up on my radar about a year ago. Apparently when a child turns 1, along with the cake that gets cut and served to guests at the party, there is a smaller cake given to the birthday boy or girl to, well, smash. Think fists in cake, icing and cake everywhere. I guess it’s fun for the birthday kid, and makes for some great pictures. And probably a lot of clean up for mom and dad ;-)  I was recently asked to make a smash cake for a little boy’s 1st birthday party to go along with the “Big Top” circus theme of the party. This clown fit in perfectly!

Although I do most cakes in fondant (see the Cakes Gallery), I thought that a little 1-year-old trying to bust through fondant might lead to an anti-climactic cake-smashing, so I did the cake completely in buttercream. I do so much fondant that I forget how fun it can be to pipe and decorate using buttercream. I have included a short set of directions below on how to make the clown cake above.

How to Decorate the Clown Smash Cake

  • Ice the cake using white buttercream.
  • Using a large icing tip (ex. 1M), gently press the bottom of the tip into the icing where you want the nose. Using a regular-size tip, do the same for both of the eyes.
  • Outline the eyes, nose, hat and diamonds, draw the mouth, and make circles for the hair using a #3 tip.
  • Fill in the diamonds and the hat with a #16 star tip.
  • Use a #104 tip to make the ruffled collar and bottom of the hat.
  • Use a round #7 tip to pipe the dots along the bottom and in the middle of the diamonds.
  • Use a round #12 tip to fill in the eyes and nose.

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