20 iPhone Food Apps to Feast On


If you’re like most iPhone users, the phone is likely attached to your hip and goes wherever you go, including the kitchen and grocery store. I used to drag my laptop into the kitchen with me, but since getting an iPhone some 18 months ago, I find that I am relying less on my laptop and more on my space-saving phone to pull up recipes or conversions, or set a timer while I am in the kitchen. It can also be great for organizing lists for the grocery store and getting dinner ideas. I have found many great food-related apps that I use on an almost daily basis and thought that since many of you may be iPhone users as well, you might enjoy having some new apps to download and play with. From recipe databases to farmer’s market locators and grocery lists, you will be sure to find something that interests you in this list!

allrecipes 1. Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner (Price: FREE)
The Dinner Spinner allows you to not only search for recipes by keyword, but also allows you to select the type of dish you want to make (breakfast, appetizer, cookies, etc.), a main ingredient (fruit, pasta, shellfish, etc.), and how much time you have to prepare it. The spinner then shows you all of the recipes in its database that matches your criteria. 

convert 2. Convert (Price: $0.99)
This is a great converter for just about anything you could imagine. When you need to change a recipe quantity from grams to ounces, this makes it super easy. I may have also used it to see how fast the men’s downhill skiers were going when the TV flashed 113km/hr (that’s 70mph folks!).

cooking-time 3. CookingTime (Price: $1.99)
This is a massive app that includes a recipe database, ability to build a grocery list, has five timers, and will tell you how long your entire meal will take to cook, broken into steps.




cook-well 4. CookWell (Price: $1.99)
This is designed for beginner cooks and includes seven modules to help you get started in the kitchen. A seven-day meal plan is also included.



epicurious 5. Epicurious (Price: FREE)
You can browse, search and save recipes from the database of over 27,000 that includes all Gourmet and Bon Appetit recipes as well. You can create shopping lists from the recipes email recipes to others.



6. Food Network (Price: FREE)
Access the Food Network recipe database to save and email your favorites, as well as watch clips from episodes and review the TV schedule to see what is coming up.


food-substitutes 7. Food Substitutes (Price: $0.99)
Need to know how to substitute all-purpose flour for cake flour, or can’t find cream of tartar where you live and need a substitute? You can find food substitutes for recipes in eight different categories with this app.


fromage 8. Fromage (Price: $2.99)
This is essentially an electronic pocketbook of cheeses and includes over 650 global varieties. It includes a flavor description of the cheese, the region it is from, and wine pairing suggestions. You can also add your own notes about cheeses you like, where you tasted them, the price, and build your own favorites or shopping list.

gourmet-timer 9. Gourmet Timer (Price: $0.99)
This app has four independent timers that you can label with customized titles so you know which pot to check when it goes off.



groceries 10. Groceries (Price: $1.99)
An alternative to pen and paper shopping lists, you can organize your grocery list in this app with quantities and even organize the list by aisle.



grocery-iq 11. Grocery iQ (Price: $0.99)
Another grocery list app, Grocery iQ to create lists and sort by aisle. Additional features include the ability to add products simply by scanning their barcode, find coupons and print them or load them to your store loyalty card, and add product details.


ifarmmarket 12. iFarmMarket (Price: $0.99)
Database of over 4,600 farmer’s markets across the U.S. – find one closest to you, get the address as well as the schedule and hours.



kitchen-calculator 13. Kitchen Calculator (Price: $1.99)
Converts a myriad of kitchen measurements such as tablespoons to teaspoons and cups to millileters, with the ability to input fractions or decimals.


locavore 14. Locavore (Price: $2.99)
As part of the broad movement to eat locally grown foods when they are in season, this app takes all of the guess work out of it. It automatically detects what state you’re in and displays which foods are in season near you, as well as farmet’s markets near you and food detail pages.


mise-en-place 15. Mise En Place (Price: $2.99)
Mise en place is a popular method for prepping ingredients before beginning to cook, and this app provides a timeline and task list for scheduled meals.


pocket-cocktails 16. Pocket Cocktails (Price: $0.99)
Includes over 350 cocktail recipes, all with full-color photos.



ratio 17. Ratio (Price: $4.99)
Developed by Michael Ruhlman and based on his book, Ratio, this app helps you calculate the amount of ingredients in most fundamental cooking preparations. Included are the 32 critical ratios, a calculator and converter, and ways to save and share recipes.


seasons 18. Seasons (Price: $1.99)
Much like the Locavore app, Seasons tells you which fruits, vegetables, lettuces, herbs, fungi and nuts are in season in your local area.



tap-grocer 19. Tap Grocer (Price: $2.99)
This is another grocery list app, but with a little more pizzazz – you can track your own pantry and refrigerator inventory. When you mark something as gone, it gets added to your list. When you buy it and cross it off the list, it is marked as stocked.


urbanspoon 20. Urbanspoon (Price: FREE)
Even the most enthusiastic foodies need a break from cooking, and urbanspoon helps locate restaurants near you. Search by neighborhood, cuisine or price, or see a list of all restaurants in the vicinity.



Are there any other food-related iPhone apps that I haven’t mentioned that you use and love? Include them in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Apple or any of the developers for the above-mentioned apps, just an iPhone customer who also happens to be a foodie.