25 Excuses to Bake in September


Can you believe that we’re a day away from September? I have no idea where the summer went, but ready or not, here comes fall! Apple picking, football parties, hearty stews, spicy chili – all signs that fall has arrived. In case you are short on ideas for what to bake in the coming month, or just want a good excuse to cover the kitchen in flour, here are 25 reasons you should dust off your apron and get baking!

25 Excuses to Bake in September

1. National Biscuit Month. I have yet to find a go-to biscuit recipe, so if you have one, please share! These Cheddar Cheese Biscuits recently caught my eye, and I’m definitely planning on trying them.

2. National Honey Month. I love baking with honey; it provides such a great subtle sweetness. Two of my favorite recipes using honey are the Fluted Polenta Ricotta Cake and Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies).


3. National Papaya Month. I have never made anything with papaya! Do you have a great papaya recipe? Share it below!

4. National Potato Month. Oh, potatoes, carb-y goodness. Perhaps you’d like a Potato-Bacon Torte or to try your hand at Homemade Gnocchi. If you’re looking for a side dish, roasted red potatoes are always a great standby.

5. National Waffle Week. Celebrate with these Brown Sugar-Bacon Buttermilk Waffles!

6. Cherry Popover Day (Sept 1st). I’ve never had a cherry popover. Does anyone have a recipe to share?

7. Macadamia Nut Day (Sept 4th). What better to make for Macadamic Nut Day than White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies?

8. Cheese Pizza Day (Sept 5th). There’s always room for pizza! This is my favorite crust recipe. Speaking of pizza, does anyone have a great deep dish pizza recipe they could share?

9. Coffee Ice Cream Day (Sept 6th). Forget the Starbucks brand at the store, you can churn your own! I have yet to make David Lebovitz’s recipe, but I definitely have it on the to-do list.

10. Date Nut Bread Day (Sept 8th). I simply cannot wait to make the Date Nut Spice Bread by Ina Garten. I’m thinking that it could be a fabulous central point for a holiday gift basket.

11. Hot Cross Bun Day (Sept 11th). These are on My 100 List, but I have yet to make them. If you have a great recipe, please share!

12. Peanut Day (Sept 13th). If you’re looking for some great peanut-y treats and enjoy peanuts and chocolate together, you will love a Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte and Tin Roof Ice Cream.

13. Cream Filled Donut Day (Sept 14th). I haven’t had a donut in years, but the idea of making homemade donuts sounds so tempting. Would love some recipe recommendations!

14. Linguine Day (Sept 15th). Making your own homemade pasta can be a tad time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort. Fresh-tasting and a million times better than store-bought dried!

15. Guacamole Day (Sept 16th). I am ashamed to admit I have never made guacamole! I’m looking for a standard recipe to get me through football season. If you have a favorite, I’d love to try it!

16. Apple Dumpling Day (Sept 17th). Nothing says fall like apples!

17. Cheeseburger Day (Sept 18th). I could quite possibly live on cheeseburgers and French fries. I have been wanting to make these Old-Fashioned Cheeseburgers from Cook’s Illustrated for over a year now.

18. Butterscotch Pudding Day (Sept 19th). David Lebovitz has what looks to be an absolutely spectacular butterscotch pudding recipe on his site.

19. Pecan Cookie Day (Sept 21st). What is your favorite pecan cookie?

20. Ice Cream Cone Day (Sept 22nd). Fill an ice cream cone with your favorite ice cream recipe, or bake and decorate these insanely cute ice cream cone sugar cookies!

21. White Chocolate Day (Sept 23rd). There are so many fun things to do with white chocolate. Peppermint Bark is probably my favorite, but it’s not quite the season yet. What’s your favorite recipe with white chocolate?

22. Cherries Jubilee Day (Sept 24th). The Repressed Pastry Chef has a delicious-looking recipe for Cherries-Jubilee Shortcake you might want to check out.

23. Pancake Day (Sept 26th). Your family will love you for waking them up with the smell of homemade pancakes wafting from the kitchen. Add blueberries, bananas, or chocolate chips to spruce them up!

24. Strawberry Cream Pie Day (Sept 28th). The Way the Cookie Crumbles has a Strawberries and Cream Pie that looks simply divine.

25. Coffee Day (Sept 29th). You’ve been baking all month… treat yourself to Starbucks :)

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