30 Days of Gratitude, A Photo Challenge

When I first heard about Pinterest a few months ago I signed up for an account and sort of stumbled my way through the site. It was neat, but I admittedly didn’t get it. I would login every few days when I had a free moment to browse through new pins. Well, fast forward a few months and I can’t pull myself away. It’s the ultimate scrapbook/idea board/recipe box. Anything you find online that you want to save, you can “pin” to any one of endless “bulletin boards” that you created (feel free to check out my Pinterest profile if you’d like to follow along). To make a long story short, Pinterest is how I found out about this awesome 30 day photo challenge that I want to share with you. Details below!

The Thanksgiving holiday tends to put most of us in a reflective mood during the month of November. Last year I shared the many things that I was thankful for. I was going to do something similar again this year, but once I found this 30 Days of Gratitude photo challenge by positively present, I thought it would be something fun and different to do, and I’d like to invite you all to play along. I just found this, so I’m obviously about a week behind, but I’ll be catching up over the next couple of days. I love the day of taking a photo a day, for a month’s snapshot of all the things we’re grateful for. You can use your everyday camera, your cell phone camera, anything!

I’ll be posting the photos on the BEB Facebook page, and I have also created a Flickr set to collect the photos in that you can follow if you’d like: 30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude. Feel free to post on the Facebook page, on Flickr, or on Twitter (you can use the hashtag #30DaysofGratitude). I’m looking forward to taking and sharing the photos and seeing yours as well!

Who’s in??