5 Fabulous Foodie Gifts for Christmas 2010

Have you made your list for Santa yet? Is it full of all kinds of shiny and sparkly new kitchen toys? Mine definitely has more than a few on it! Last week I shared with you the 30 Gift Ideas: Cookbooks & Kitchen Goodies, which was chock full of great gift ideas for the foodies in your life (and maybe for your list too!). And while those are all fabulous recommendations, I also wanted to share some ideas with you that aren’t on those bestseller lists but that are right up my alley. A couple that maybe haven’t made it mainstream yet, but that I absolutely love, and hope you will too! There is a 2009 version of this if you’d like to check that out too (I’d still recommend all of those ideas!)

All of the items below are currently on my own wish list; I don’t own any of them so I can’t provide detailed reviews, but I’m hoping I can do so soon! (C’mon Santa, I’ve been good this year!)

1. Libbey Spice Jars (Set of 12)

I really like to organize things. We’ll call it a quirk of mine. And spices are no exception. I would love this set so that I can store larger quantities of the spices I use most often. And slap a pretty label on them too :)


2. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

One of my goals for this coming year is to do a lot more shopping from local farmer’s markets, possibly utilizing a CSA, and a garden right here at home. As a result, learning how to can (and actually doing it!) is something I want to do. I’ve heard that this book is practically the canning bible, so I think I need it.

3. Emma Cupcake Stands from Olive & Cocoa

How insanely cute are these cupcake stands?! Ridiculously cute. Cupcakes have been all the rage this year, and now they have their very own little pedestals. I want.

4. iHome Kitchen for iPod and iPhone

Do you think the people at Apple saw pictures of my (now old) iPhone covered in flour and dried dough and decided this was a good idea? I’m pretty sure that may have happened. This is a great idea – you can pull up recipes on your phone (which I did/do constantly) and see it easily, control your music with a remote, and there are two huge timers. I use the timers on my phone constantly in the kitchen. Score for us kitchen folk!

5. Adopt an Olive Tree from Nudo

Now, this is by far one of the coolest things I’ve heard of in a long time. My sister first told me about this over the summer, as her friend did this as a gift for his parents. Nudo is an olive grove in Italy, and you can adopt one of their trees for a year and then receive the produce from that tree in two shipments (spring and fall). You can even read about each of their groves and decide which grove you want your tree to be from. I think this is a phenomenal gift idea and something to even treat yourself to!

What’s on your wish list this year??