Grandma’s Famous Roasted Potatoes: Your Family Will Crave These!

My grandma’s crispy roasted potatoes were a Sunday dinner staple and are absolutely legendary in our family. There is absolutely nothing fancy about these potatoes; they are easy to prepare and simply seasoned, but we would fight over the last bits every single week. I guarantee your family will love them, too!

Bowl of roasted potatoes with a serving spoon.

On most Sundays for the vast majority of my life, I was situated at my grandma’s dining room table along with my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, and great aunt. And at that table, week in and week out, sat a bowl of roasted potatoes.

These potatoes were not fancy, were not dressed up in anything other than olive oil and some Italian seasoning… my grandma would sit on her stool in the kitchen, potato in one hand and a paring knife in the other, and slice off chunks of potato. These would be considered purposefully “rustic” nowadays ;-)

While they may have lacked flair, that bowl of potatoes constantly had hands fishing around in it. Some people liked the fatter, plumper potatoes, but most of us fought over the super crisp, slightly burnt pieces. My cousin and I would often hide the bowl on our side of the table so my uncle couldn’t get to it; he always dug in there to get the best pieces!