A Statement

I want to address a number of the comments that have been left on this site and on other social media accounts associated with Brown Eyed Baker this week.

For the past five days, I have been called a racist among other awful names, my children and I have been insulted, I have been bullied, harassed, and threatened.

All because I have chosen to let food continue to be the focus and the mission of this website, as I always have.

This site, for the last 13 years, has been a place of inclusivity for people of every race, every religion, every nationality, every walk of life, and I have always promoted inclusion and kindness, without exception. Just as I do in my every day, behind-the-screen, life. There is no place for racism here or in my home.

I understand that some people are disappointed that I have not released a stronger statement or more information in light of the racial tension in our nation right now. I also know that I cannot please 100% of the people all of the time; it’s a fact I have learned to accept when operating in a public space, and people would be upset with me no matter what I did.

We all have a role to play in trying to make this world brighter, kinder, and a more loving place. I have chosen to offer this site and its associated social media accounts as places where people can enjoy food and find ways to celebrate and nourish family and friends while taking a breather from this very heavy world. Sometimes we all need that. A respite. A happy place. Somewhere that is free from the violence and the heartache that we are surrounded by 24/7. I do not, as a standing practice, provide commentary on it. That is not the purpose of this website. Instead, I wish to offer refuge.

As a few have mentioned, you may have found commentary and resources on other food blogs that you have found helpful and uplifting, and that’s wonderful!

We don’t all need to do the same thing. We don’t all need to say the same thing. We don’t all need to offer the same thing.

That’s the beauty of this world, isn’t it? We all have unique talents and offerings that can fill different needs for different people.

Respect and kindness can go a long, long way. Bullying and harassment are not okay; I’ve seen it happen to countless other people this week and it is so disheartening at a time when I truly believe we, as fellow human beings, all want the same things in life.

Please, let’s show each other love, respect, and kindness ❤️️

xo, Michelle

I will not address this again, as this site’s focus and mission has been made clear. There will be zero tolerance for any harassment or defamatory comments, whether directed at me or others, and they will be deleted. (If you have an issue with comments that are deleted, please refer to the terms and conditions of this website.)