ANNOUNCEMENT: New Site Design + New Features on!

If you visit the site regularly, you’ve probably seen some changes here over the last week or so. (If you usually read new content through an RSS reader or email service, I invite you to click over and check out the changes!) I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay from Purr Design, who was absolutely fabulous to work with. If you are in need of a website makeover, I highly recommend seeking out her services. She’s extremely talented and can make just about anything work in WordPress, no matter how crazy the request may seem. We worked together to give a little facelift and to add some much-requested features that should make your reading, browsing and recipe-making experiences even better. Below is an overview of all of the new features, where you can find them and how to use them!

1. Recipe Box, Shopping Lists, Meal Planner & Grocery Deals

I’m excited to announce that you now have the ability to save your favorite recipes to an online recipe box. After doing so, you can access your recipes, and even add ingredients to a shopping list before you head out to the grocery store. I teamed up with ZipList to provide this feature, which means you can save recipes from any other site that partners with them into the same recipe box. Some sites you might be familiar with include: Martha Stewart, Simply Recipes, RecipeGirl, Steamy Kitchen, AOL’s Daily Kitchen,, How Sweet It Is, Two Peas and Their Pod, and many, many more.


To use the feature, simply click the “Save” button on the top of any recipe. You’ll be prompted to add it to your recipe box. If you don’t already have a ZipList account, you’ll have create one – it’s super quick and FREE.

Once you start saving recipes, you can easily access your Recipe Box from the main navigation menu on the site (see below). Once in your recipe box, there are a few other fantastic features you’ll want to take advantage of. You can move a recipe to your lists, which will then generate a grocery shopping list for you based on the ingredients in the recipe. You can quickly access this grocery list by clicking “Shopping List” from the navigation menu (see below). You can also use the recipe box to plan your meals for a week. Drag and drop recipes into a calendar and then generate a shopping list for those recipes (you can even sync this with your Google Calendar, if you use one!). Access your Meal Planner from the main navigation on the site as well (see below).

Finally, in your recipe box, you’ll see a tab that says “Grocery Deals”. While you’re planning your meals and generating your shopping list, you can pull up which items are on sale at your local stores.

I think you’ll love this new tool for keeping track of your favorite recipes and quickly making grocery lists and meals plans! ZipList also has mobile apps, so if you have a smartphone, be sure to download either the Apple or Android app (both are free) so you can access your recipes and lists on the go!

2. Recipe Index + Archives

The recipe index has undergone a complete makeover (including a visual index!), which should make it much easier for you to navigate around the hundreds of recipes and posts that have accumulated here over the years.

If you click Recipe Index in the main navigation menu you’ll be taken to this page, where you’ll see a search box and categories of recipes to choose from:

If you are looking for a particular type of recipe, you can easily click on the category you’re interested in to bring up a listing of those recipes. For instance, if you are interested in cake recipes, simply click “Cake” and you’ll see all of the cake recipes on – each recipe is accompanied by a thumbnail, the title, and the date that it was originally posted. The recipes are listed in reverse chronological order, so the most recent cake recipe will be first, and go backward from there.

Scroll further down the main “Recipe Index” page past the listing of categories and you will see “Recipes by Ingredient”. All of the recipes on have now been tagged with the ingredients used, so if you are looking to make something using a particular ingredient, you can easily look it up and find the recipes on the site that include it. Maybe you have some buttermilk leftover and don’t want it to go to waste… or you’re just dying to make something with peanut butter cups (me, all the time)… this index will be your best friend!

As an example, you’ll see below the results of clicking “cream cheese” in the ingredient index:

The results are formatted in the exact same way as the main recipe index – you’ll see a thumbnail, title and date for all of the recipes on the site that include cream cheese. They are also listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. You now have a quick and easy way to find recipes based on a particular ingredient!

If you’re interested in browsing through all of the posts (not just recipes), click on Archives in the main navigation menu:

You can browse through posts in one of two ways from this page – by post category, or by date. If you remember that something was posted during December for the holidays, but can’t remember the name, you can easily click on the month and see the posts for that time period. They will appear exactly as they do in the recipe index – thumbnails, title and date.

3. Follow Options & Social Media

In the upper righthand side of the site, you’ll find a box that says “Follow BEB” (see below). Here you’ll find a number of different options for keeping up with content on


You can easily add the Brown Eyed Baker feed to your favorite RSS reader. In addition, you can register your email address (FREE!) to have new posts delivered straight to your email inbox.

If you belong to any social media networks, I’d love to connect with you! Be sure to follow Brown Eyed Baker on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

4. New Resource Pages

The site now includes a number of new pages that will serve as a resource for you as you navigate the site and troubleshoot recipes.

The first batch of pages can be found under “About” in the main navigation menu:

  • On the new About page, you can learn a little bit more about me and the background of, as well get an overview of must-visit spots on the site.
  • Visit the FAQ page for recipe, blogging and general questions. I’ve compiled all of the most common questions I receive on a regular basis, along with my answers. Be sure to check there first if you have any questions!
  • On the Photography page you’ll find an overview of my approach to food photography, tips and a list of the photography equipment that I currently use.
  • I often receive requests for kitchen equipment and ingredient recommendations. On the Tools of the Trade page, I list what I consider all of my “essential” kitchen tools and ingredients, as well as links to where you can find them.
The second batch of pages can be found under “Resources” in the main navigation menu:

  • On the Conversions page you’ll find things such as measurement equivalents, common ingredient equivalents, pan size conversions and temperature conversions. These should be useful for everyone, especially those who are not accustomed to using imperial measurements.
  • The Substitutions page includes some of the most common ingredient substitutions for those days when you’re in a pinch and can’t get to the store.

The End

That about wraps up the tour of the new digs here on While this was an overview of the biggest changes on the site, there are a ton of other little improvements and updates, so be sure to poke around and check out everything. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing around and that you’ll find the new features and resources to be useful. As is the case for most new site rollouts, there may be some hiccups, so if you experience any issues, broken links, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can get it fixed as soon as possible.

As always, Happy Baking! :)