Ask Me Anything

Here’s the scoop. I have been siiiiick. All week. Some kind of flu/cold nastiness. Sicker than I’ve been in quite some time. So needless to say I haven’t done any cooking or baking. Since I don’t have a new recipe for you today I thought we could have a little Friday fun instead. I have been seeing people Tweet links to a website called Formspring. Basically, people can post a question and you answer it. Neat concept, but truth be told, I don’t need another password to remember or page to check. So I figured I would do the same thing, right here. Leave a comment, ask a question, and I’ll reply!

It can be food related, or not. Want to know what I eat for breakfast everyday? The first concert I ever went to? I know Dara probably wants to know the ratio of sports-related clothing items to dresses and skirts in my closet ;-) Your chance to sneak a peek into my life outside of the kitchen.

So while I’m hunkered on the couch under blankets, drinking tea, watching Christmas movies, and hopped up on DayQuil, I will answer your questions. Something you’ve always wanted to ask me? Ask away!

Hoping to kick this thing and be back in the kitchen this weekend. But in the meantime, let’s chat! I promise I won’t sneeze on anyone :)