BEB Reader Feedback Survey

I was super excited about a new zucchini bread recipe yesterday, and then this happened…


That wasn’t supposed to happen. Oof.

So, I thought I would use the void that this kitchen fail has afforded me by doing a little survey. It’s been nearly two years (!!) since this site had a major design overhaul, and I’m prepping it for a little refresh in the coming weeks. Don’t worry, it will by and large look and act the same, it’s just going to get prettied up a bit. And of course, I’d love your input!

This is totally informal, so feel free to reply to the questions in the comments section below. As always, I love and appreciate your feedback; it helps me to create a better site and community here at BEB HQ :)

1. Is there anything I can change or improve regarding the way the site technically functions that would make it easier or more enjoyable to use? Any specific requests?

2. Are there features on other websites that you frequent that you would like to see implemented on BEB?

3. From a content perspective, what types of recipes and posts would you like to see more of? Less of?

4. If you have any additional feedback or suggestions, feel free to share them below!