Good Eats in South Florida, Part II

So, I went on a little vacation to Florida. It was warm and sunny, I ate lots of good food, was utterly relaxed and had loads of fun. And I totally didn’t want to leave. My Chief Culinary Consultant’s parents live down in the southern part of Florida so we paid them a visit and spent a little over a week soaking up the blue skies. Usually any time I go gallivanting around in a different city, I like to bring back a recap of the restaurants I ate at and what I thought of them, and this time is no exception. We hit up some different places than the last time we went down to Florida, and enjoyed tons of great eats. That’s what vacation is all about, right?! Read on for my recap!

John G’s
Location: Lake Worth, FL
Review: John G’s is located right at the public beach and pier area of Lake Worth and looks out onto the water. I heard from numerous people that this was the place to eat breakfast, and judging by the line snaking outside the restaurant and around the block on a stormy morning, I’d say they were right. I ordered scrambled eggs with ham, hash brownies and a fruit cup. The eggs were good, average scrambled eggs, and the hash browns were phenomenal. I would have loved to make an entire meal out of a huge plate of them! The fruit cup was disappointing – I was expecting fresh cut fruit but instead it was a cup of canned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup. Blech. Next time I would opt for the juice in its place. My boyfriend’s parents both got the cinnamon-nut French toast; I got a taste and it was amazing! Sweet enough that you didn’t even need syrup and coated in sliced almonds. All in all a great, and very filling, breakfast!

Boston’s on the Beach
Location: Delray Beach, FL
Review: I actually included Boston’s in my previous Florida write-up, but the conch fritters there are so good that a trip back was a definite priority. After a couple of hours spent on a very, very windy beach and getting sunburned, we packed up and walked across the street to enjoy a view of the water from the shade while munching on the fritters. They look like hush puppies and are all kinds of delicious, served with cocktail sauce and a spicy mayonnaise-based sauce (the latter of which is definitely my favorite). Once again, if you’re ever in the Delray Beach area, you must eat here and try the conch fritters!

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
Location: Multiple locations in southern Florida
Review: Now, we all know that I’m a big pizza girl, so I was totally excited about this particular meal, and the food was spectacular. We started dinner with an Italian salad, which was pretty much average, but then the good stuff started rolling in. We got an order of Pork Spare Ribs with Vinegar Peppers – oven-roasted ribs seasoned with garlic and rosemary and roasted with vinegar peppers (pickled cherry peppers) and white wine. They were outstanding and such a great change of pace from barbecue ribs. Then came the pizza… we ordered a pepperoni pizza (a classic and my favorite) and another called Paul & Young Ron, which was topped with miniature meatballs, sausage, peppers, ricotta cheese and of course mozzarella. They were both fabulous, I was bummed that I got so full because I wanted to keep eating!


Benny’s on the Beach
Location: Lake Worth, FL
Review: Benny’s is located in the same beach-front area in Lake Worth as John G’s, but Benny’s is actually on the pier. Nothing like sitting down for breakfast at 9am under an umbrella while listening to the waves. This time around I got the scrambled eggs (okay, that’s pretty much my go-to when I go out to eat for breakfast), bacon and home fries. The dish also came with a slice of fresh cantaloupe and two slices of toast. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the potatoes were AMAZING. Huge chunks that were crisped up with onions, just amazing. The toast was massive pieces of really fresh bread and the bacon was great. A wonderful breakfast, and I would probably recommend over John G’s.

Hoffman’s Chocolate
Location: Greenacres, FL
Review: I of course can’t go anywhere without sniffing out the chocolate! Hoffman’s is located just down the street from my boyfriend’s parents’ place and once I found out it existed everyone knew a stop would be in order. When we walked in it smelled like I had just walked into Willy Wonka’s factory – intense chocolate, so delicious. Then I started browsing, and had some serious trouble deciding on what I wanted. My Chief Culinary Consultant got a box of chocolate-covered Oreos (which were every bit as delicious as you might imagine), I bought my mom a bag of Coconut Cashew Crunch (kind of like brittle) and she adores it, and then I put together a box of goodies from the front case since I couldn’t decide.

I picked out various truffles, chocolate-covered nuts, a couple variations on turtles, different types of chocolate bark, chocolate-covered graham crackers and some other random goodies. Everything was fabulous – if you’re in the area and have a sweet craving, definitely hit up Hoffman’s!

To read all about the non-food happenings on my Florida vacation, check out How I Spent My Spring Break Vacation on Unplugged.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the establishments listed above and this is not a sponsored post; it is merely a recap and review of the places I ate at while on vacation.

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