Houston, we have a problem…

Um yeah, so this happened yesterday. Oops. Big oops. Big, messy oops.

Baking Disaster

See, I was making cupcakes. I followed a recipe. A recipe out of a cupcake book written by a wildly popular multimedia mogul (who shall remain nameless so that her uber empire doesn’t come crumbling down due to one negative review by the Brown Eyed Baker… oops, did I give it away?). I made the batter. “Wow, that looks insanely runny, I thought to myself. But I carried on, remembering that the recipe for my favorite chocolate cake produces a very thin batter as well, and that this might be the same, resulting in wonderfully moist cupcakes. But, I was wrong. I should have listened to my gut instinct. Yesterday, it was so glaringly right.

So why am I showing you this epic disaster? Because the biggest reason I maintain this site (other than sharing recipes and my love of food) is because I want to give home cooks and bakers the tools and confidence to tackle kitchen projects. Big or small, easy or difficult. And I think that it helps to know that we all make mistakes and we all have bad days in the kitchen. We all have catastrophes, and sometimes they result in being subjected to 3+ hours of inhaling the smoke from a self-cleaning oven that is emitting a distinct burnt-sugar smell. We’ve all been there.

Oven self-cleaning after baking disaster

But, now that the mess is cleaned up and the oven is sparkling, I’m back at it. And I’ll see you tomorrow with some mocha-licious cupcakes. You won’t want to miss them.


In the meantime, so that I’m not left on this smokey, burnt island all by myself, care to share your worst kitchen disaster with me?