I’m in a Food Coma

More specifically, the type of carbs and sweets coma that only a holiday can sufficiently provide. It’s possible that I may have OD’ed on dinner rolls, potatoes and multiple rounds of dessert yesterday. Oops. Not only that, but getting holiday food out and sitting down to eat didn’t afford me the opportunity to take pretty pictures of all the dishes. Oops again.

Since I’m sluggish today I thought we could play a little game of “What was the best thing you ate over the holiday weekend (whether that included an Easter celebration or not)”?

Me: Broccoli salad, dinner rolls with butter, strawberry pretzel squares, and two pieces of the Oakmonter from the Oakmont Bakery (oops a third time).


Since I did whip the camera out for some post-dinner photos, I thought I’d share a couple…


My cousin’s mastiff that he brought to dinner (his 1st birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Marcello!):

And here’s my grandma and her sister (they are 91 and 79, respectively):

Hope everyone had a great weekend!