My Favorite Christmas Commercials

It’s no secret I love the holidays. And sometimes I love the commercials just as much as some of the programming on TV. But for me, my top 3 favorite commercials date back to the 80’s.

This first one is iconic in Pittsburgh. For those of you not from the area, this is done by a local restaurant chain and has been on for as long as I can remember (so at least the early 80’s!) and they still run it now. For me, it’s not quite Christmastime until I’ve seen this commercial :)

Next is the Folders’ “Peter!” commercial. Kind of corny watching it now, but it always gave me the warm fuzzies.

And lastly, I looooove the Coca Cola polar bears. They have made a ton of different commercials, but I *think* this one is the original. I think polar bears are so cute :)

What are some of your favorite holiday commercials?