My First U2 Concert

I have yet to meet anyone who lived out their teenage years in the 1990’s that doesn’t have a little soft spot in their heart for U2 music. It was a soundtrack to life, love and heartbreak. It was a staple at school dances. What teenage girl didn’t feel her heart in her throat while watching Friends, seeing Rachel stare out a rainy window while With or Without You was swirling out of the radio, courtesy of a Ross request? As the teenage years turned into college, then my 20’s, and now my 30’s, the music still resonates with me.

For all the tours that U2 has done, I somehow never managed to see a show until just recently. I got tickets for my Chief Culinary Consultant and I to catch their last U.S. show here in Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. I had pretty high expectations, as this was 15 years in the making. Every expectation was met and exceeded. Easily the best show I have ever seen live. They rocked. The stage was amazing, and the music unbelievable. You can check out the set list for the show here.  Interpol opened the show and were great as well, I need to download more of their music.

While it’s hard to choose a favorite U2 song, this one was particularly instrumental for me during a pretty heavy time in my life a few years ago. There were days that I listened to it on repeat. It gave me strength and hope. Walk On.