My New Camera

After almost 4 years of food blogging, I now have a dSLR camera. As if waiting four years wasn’t long enough, Amazon decided to ship my camera and lens separately. So while I received my camera on Friday, all I could do was stare at it and read the instruction manual until the lens showed up yesterday!

I took countless pictures of everything from my cell phone to my dog to my sock (it’s true).  I couldn’t stop taking pictures, I am totally amazed by the quality and the ability to truly frame a shot. Here are a few of my favorites from the initial random batch (unedited):


For those that have been curious, I got the Canon T2i and a 50mm 1.8 lens. The lens is a portrait-style lens that creates a sharp image with a nice blurred background, which is important for food photography. I am looking forward to adding new lenses and accessories to my collection once I get my SLR footing.

If you’re into photography, I’d love any recommendations you have for photography blogs or books! I have a lot of reading and learning to do!