Pea in a Pod Baby Shower Cookies

Pea in a Pod Cookies

These Pea in a Pod cookies are my latest baby shower creation. Is it just me, or does there seem to be an unusually large number of baby showers happening recently? In any case, they are a great reason to try out new cookies! This shower was for my cousin, and the theme of the shower was “Sweet Pea” so my other cousin (who was hosting) wanted something related to that theme. And so here we have “Pea in a Pod” cookies, which I thought were just about the cutest thing. I love to create new designs and these were a ton of fun make. Everyone at the shower loved them and thought that they were beyond adorable.

Here is a photo my cousin sent me of the cookies as part of the place setting at the shower (they were the favors):

Pea in a Pod Cookies at the Baby Shower

Step-by-Step Instructions for Pea in a Pod Baby Shower Cookies:

Step 1: Sketch out your cookie(s). I began doing this about 6 months ago and have found it very helpful for a number of reasons. First, you can play around with different designs and get an idea of what will fit on the cookies without having to waste “practice cookies”. Secondly, you can label each part of of the cookie with the color needed, so you know how many colors and how much of each you should mix up. I use a plain sketch book, trace the cookie cutter with a pencil and then go to work filling in the details.

Pea in a Pod Cookies - Sketch

Step 2: Make the “peas”. For these cookies, I used a regular decorating tip and pressed the bottom of it lightly into the cookies where I wanted to have the peas. I was then able to easily trace the circles for the outline.

Step 3: Outline the cookie. Using a #2 tip and the green and the skin-tone color, outline the cookies, then let them dry completely.

Pea in a Pod Cookies - Outlines

Step 4: Flood the cookies. With thinned royal icing, fill in all of the areas that you outlined with the appropriate colors. You should let these dry overnight before putting on the finishing details.

Pea in a Pod Cookies - Flooded

Step 5: Add the leaf details. With the same green that you used to pipe the outline, go back over the leaves and stem so that they are more pronounced, and add some details.

Pea in a Pod Cookies - Leaf Details

Step 6: Add the baby face details. Using edible markers and with a light touch, add the details to the baby’s mouth. Black dots for the eyes, and a pink or red heard for the mouth. Using a #1 tip, add a little curly-cue at the top of the head. Allow to dry for at least a few hours before packaging them.

Pea in a Pod Cookies - Face Details

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