Pittsburgh Steelers Cookies


It’s football season, folks! Today starts the NFL’s Kickoff Weekend, which begins with a night game featuring none other than the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Tennessee Titans. Since I already threw Pittsburgh Penguins decorated sugar cookies at you during the Stanley Cup playoffs, I figured I couldn’t play favorites and needed create Steelers cookies for the start of the season. After the Super Bowl last year I bought a Pfaltzgraff Pittsburgh Steelers cookie mold (I bought it on eBay but can’t find it on there any longer) and used it to create these cookies.


The cookies are decorated with royal icing and the word “Steelers” was imprinted with black fondant. If you are new to cookie decorating, you may want to check out the tutorial I did on how to decorate cookies with royal icing. Since the mold was very easy to press the fondant into, I am thinking about trying a version of the cookie decorated with fondant for a smoother look. But then again, sugar cookies were MADE for icing! In any case, enjoy, and best of luck to your team, unless they play the Steelers this season! ;-)



[I’m off gallivanting in southern Florida with my Chief Culinary Consultant this week, but have cooked up enough in the Brown Eyed Baker kitchen to keep you drooling while I’m gone. Comment and email replies will be slow, if at all, but I’ll be back on Monday the 14th and will catch up on comments and questions as quickly as possible.]