Pittsburgh Steelers Football Jersey Cookies

Pittsburgh Steelers Football Jersey Cookies

The leaves are starting to turn, the nights are getting cooler and it’s getting dark earlier. That can only mean two things: it’s fall, and it’s finally football season! Which means it’s finally time for some football cookies! These are fashioned after the Penguins jersey cookies that I made two seasons ago during their successful Cup run. You may remember that last year I made Steelers logo cookies for the start of the season, and these are a nice follow up. I made these back in the spring for a friend of my mom’s – she wanted some Penguins jerseys, some Steelers jerseys and some Easter eggs for a family get together. Since football was already well into the off-season, I decided to hold off on sharing them until the season got underway. I’ve had my Terrible Towel in hand for a couple of weeks now, so I figured the time was finally right to trot out the Steelers cookies!

Pittsburgh Steeleres Football Jersey Cookies

Oh, and disregard the Santonio Holmes cookie (first picture) – he has since been traded. Dennis Dixon is now wearing number 10, which throws me for a loop and sends me into Kordell Stewart flashbacks every time I see it. Although given the current state of our quarterbacks (at current count we have 1 starter suspended, 1 back up (Leftwich) with a knee injury, 1 3rd string (Dixon) with a knee injury, and 1 4th string (Batch) who is beyond fragile) it suddenly doesn’t seem implausible that Kordell could make a cameo. I kid, I kid… maybe. Hopefully. Hey, at least we’re 2-0, thanks to the miraculous efforts of our defense. They deserve a cookie. Actually, they deserve all of them.

All in all, once you’re comfortable decorating sugar cookies with royal icing, these are pretty simple to make. I did a plain white flooded cookie and added the color-coordinated piped details. And because Troy never disappoints me and his is the next jersey I plan to buy (and a white one at that), here is a closeup of his cookie:

Troy Polamalu jersey cookie

Go Steelers!

What you need to make these cookies (or cookies for your favorite team if it’s not the Steelers *gasp*):

Recipe for sugar cookies
Tutorial on how to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing
Jersey cookie cutter