POLL: Magazine Subscriptions

So, I think I might be addicted to magazines. I’m kind of old school when it comes to newspapers and magazines (and also books). I’ll check the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s website if I see a link to an interesting article or want to skim “breaking news”, however, for me, nothing can replace paging through a newspaper, curling up with a new magazine or a good book (that leaves me out of the Kindle arena too).

At current count I subscribe to Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Cook’s Illustrated, Bon Appetit and Everyday Food. I typically renew my subscriptions in December, and I’m planning to renew all of them but am still undecided about Martha Stewart Living. It’s kind of craft-heavy and I usually only find something that peaks my interest about once every 3 months. So I may let that one go. However, there are quite a few I want to add to the list. Currently considering: Pittsburgh Magazine (obviously local), Women’s Health, a news/current events one (Time? Newsweek?), a photography mag (any recs?), and a personal finance mag (thinking Money).

And now for the poll: How many magazines do you subscribe to? Which ones do you receive? Any recommendations for some new ones I’m looking at? Do I have a magazine addiction problem? ;-)