Rock n’ Roll Baby Onesie Cookies

Rock n Roll Onesie Cookies

I had a really fun order this week for a baby shower. A fellow food blogger from Pittsburgh, Lauren of Burghilicious (check her out – great blog!), was helping to plan a coworker’s baby shower and wanted to order cookies for the event. The twist was that this wasn’t your stereotypical baby shower. The mom-to-be plays guitar in a rock band and didn’t want any frilly, pastel-y, typical baby stuff. The theme of the shower was “Rock n’ Roll Baby” and Lauren asked that I create some onesie cookies to go with the theme. I took rock ‘n roll and ran with it. I created six different designs:

♦  “The future of Rock”

♦  “Rock n’ Roll baby”

♦  “Rockstar”

♦  “Mommy Rocks!”

♦  “Let’s Rock” (with a guitar)

♦  “Born to Rock” (with a guitar)

Since the baby is going to be a boy and they wanted a more “hip” theme to the baby shower, I went with masculine colors – white, black, , grey, blue, and deep purple.

A closer look at some of the cookies:

Rock n' Roll Onesie Cookies

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