There’s someone I’d like you to meet…

He’s almost 4 years old, he’s blonde, and he sheds like no one’s business…

My golden retriever, Einstein.

You may have seen a post or two about him when I made peanut butter doggy treats or when I baked him his very own birthday cake. But I thought he deserved an official introduction over here on Unplugged. I grew up with a dog, my mom got a dog while I was in college, and I’ve been around a lot of friends’ and family members’ dogs, and I can say, unequivocally, that Einstein is, by far, the most hysterical dog I have ever met. He is full of personality and character, and I’m pretty convinced that he thinks he’s a person.


A little about him…

– He’s a bottomless pit and will gladly eat anything he can get in that mouth of his. Including, but not limited to: Food of any kind (but he especially loves peanut butter and bananas), napkins, paper towels, stockings, toys that he manages to shred apart (see below), flip flops, etc. He has, however, developed an aversion to anything mint-flavored after an unfortunate incident that involved him polishing off an entire batch of custard I made for mint chocolate chip ice cream. That didn’t end well.

– When he’s most exhausted he sleeps upside down. I had never seen a dog do this before him, but he’s done it since he was a puppy.

– He loves the snow. He’ll throw himself down in it and just writhe around.

– He loves my mom’s dog. They’re best buds.

– He’s insanely smart. Which is both awesome and horrible at the same time. He picks up on tricks and commands super fast, but he also knows how to pull his own manipulative tricks. Little bugger.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing (and seeing) quite a bit of Einstein over here, so I thought you all should get acquainted. Stay tuned for the adventures ;-)

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them!