Whatcha hungry for?

I’m starving… you? I have a few awesome recipes to get to you this week… things like a white pizza inspired by a local pizza shop, another dip for football season, my first pie of the fall season, and some ah-mazing cupcakes that I think you’re going to totally dig. I’m also working on recreating the fabulous cheesecake that we had in Toronto at the top of the CN Tower last weekend. So while I get those all lined up and ready for you, I’d like to pick your brain.

When the seasons change, it seems taste buds do too. I start to crave things like homemade mac n’ cheese, beef stew, and lots of homemade bread. Ice cream cones? Not as much anymore. Last week I shared with you 50 Recipes for Fall, which are some of my favorites on the site for when the cool weather rolls in. What I’d like to know is – what wasn’t on that list that you’d love a recipe for? Anything you’re craving, or haven’t mastered yet? I’m always looking for new ideas to share with you, especially at the start of a new season, and of course love to give you the types of recipes you want the most. Let me know and I’ll get to work for you!