Some of you may have heard about the Day Zero project, which entails creating a list of 101 things that you want to do within the next 1001 days (a little less than 3 years). Pretty much like a short-term bucket list. I first read about it sometime back in early 2008, so almost 3 years ago now (yikes! where does the time go?). I started a list, written on paper, and I started crossing things off, but somehow amidst a move and reorganization, I seem to have lost the list. Which was really kind of upsetting. But, it’s 3 years later, and by all accounts that list should have expired by now, so I created a new one!

They say that you are more likely to meet goals that you have written down, and shared with others. So I figured I couldn’t do much better than writing them here and sharing them with  you!

The deadline for this list is August 29, 2013. I look forward to working through it and sharing many of the adventures with you!

101 Things in 1001 Days

1. Travel to Europe.
2. Drive through New England during the fall.
3. Travel to Montreal.
4. Travel somewhere by train.
5. Travel somewhere by myself, even if only for a day or weekend.
6. Visit Colorado both in the summer and the winter.
7. Go to the chocolate spa in Hershey.

8. Go to a Steelers away game.
9. Go to a Penguins away game. ~ Completed
10. Go to the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh. ~ Completed
11. See a baseball game at Camden Yards.
12. See a baseball game at Fenway Park.
13. See a baseball game at Wrigley Field.
14. Go to a hockey game at the Bell Centre in Montreal.
15. Go to a Pens/Caps game in DC.

16. See U2 in concert.
17. See Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden.

18. Volunteer at children’s hospital.
19. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
20. Send a handwritten note or card to friends on a regular basis.
21. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.
22. Make a list of family/friends’ birthdays and mail them cards.
23. Give up something for Lent.
24. Sign up to work with a charity on a regular basis.

25. Learn to knit and make a scarf (or hat or sweater!)
26. Learn how to make sushi at home. ~ Completed. My sister took me to a sushi class as a Christmas gift!
27. Learn how to play a new sport. ~ Completed. Got a tennis lesson on vacation!
28. Learn yoga and do it regularly.
29. Learn how to can and make homemade jam, pickles, etc.
30. Take a dance class.
31. Take a class on proper makeup application.

32. Read 1 new book a month.
33. Read new magazines the day I receive them; unsubscribe from the ones I don’t read.
34. Subscribe to the Sunday editions of the local newspaper and the New York Times.
35. Read a book trilogy/series.
36. Read 5 books on historical events.
37. Go to a book signing for an author/chef I love.

38. Complete the 365 day photo challenge.
39. Take a photography class.
40. Scan old photos and organize on hard drive/CDs.
41. Get a dSLR camera. ~ Completed

42. Get a cookbook proposal accepted for publishing.
43. Attend at least one food blogging conference.

44. Run a 5K.
45. Eliminate most processed foods from my diet.
46. Start going to the dentist for regular checkups.
47. Give up pop for at least 1 week.
48. Make a concerted effort to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.
49. Get a massage once a month.
50. Get a facial four times per year.
51. Go to the doctor for an annual physical + baseline blood work.
52. Develop and maintain a good skin care routine.
53. Take a multivitamin every day.
54. Floss every day.

55. Spend a rainy/snowy day on the couch with a blanket, movies, snacks, and no Internet.
56. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie.
57. Go to a movie by myself.
58. Watch romantic classics I’ve never seen:
– Casablanca
– Gone With the Wind
– An Affair to Remember
– Breakfast at Tiffany’s
– The Graduate
– The Way We Were
59. Watch at least 30 of the “Best Picture” Oscar winners
60. Watch a movie outside in a park.
61. Watch a movie trilogy/series in succession all in one day.
62. Pick a television series I’ve never seen and watch from the beginning (a la Netflix)
63. Watch the entire “America the Story of Us” series from the History Channel

64. Plant a garden.
65. Attend a food and wine festival.
66. Host a holiday meal/party.
67. Go on a picnic.
68. Pick fresh fruit and then make a pie with it.
69. Eat an In n’ Out burger.
70. Try Indian food.
71. Take a tour of a brewery.
72. Join a CSA.
73. Drink a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (I’ve never had one!).
74. Drink green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.
75. Finally master making sfogliatelle (an Italian pastry).
76. Eat street food from a vendor or truck.

77. Buy a new laptop. ~ Completed (Bought a Toshiba Satellite, which I *LOVE*!)
78. Organize all of my music.
79. Finish transferring old home movies to DVD’s to give to my mom.
80. Get an external hard drive and back up all of my files, media, etc.

81. Start contributing regularly to a retirement fund.
82. Set up an appointment with a financial planner.
83. Set up separate savings accounts for short-term savings goals.

84. Do a 1,000+ piece jigsaw puzzle, seal it, and frame it.
85. Take my dog to a dog park at least once a week during the spring/summer/fall.
86. Go skiing again.
87. Do a crossword puzzle each day.
88. Take a horse and carriage ride in the winter.
89. Sit in a hot tub in the mountains.
90. Go to the Heinz History Museum.
91. Go to the Pittsburgh Zoo on an evening during the holidays.
92. Go on a bike ride.
93. Crochet at least 3 new afghans.
94. Ice skate outside sometime in December.
95. Walk through a corn maze.

96. Find a hairstylist I like that can give me a hair style I love. ~ Completed!
97. Clean out my closet and update my wardrobe
98. Buy a little red dress.

99. Start keeping a dream journal.
100. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years at age 40.

101. Learn to say no confidently and without apologies.