Lemon-Chocolate Chip Soft Biscotti

These lemon-chocolate chip soft biscotti are an old recipe from my grandma; they are part cookie, part biscotti, sponge-like soft, lemon-scented, and loaded with chocolate chips. Full of traditional flavor and with a recipe that feeds a small army, this is a perfect holiday gifting cookie!

Soft biscotti sliced and laying on parchment paper.

The story behind how I came to unearth this recipe is a long one, so I’ll give you the short and sweet version… I first had something that tasted like these at a friend’s house over the holidays. Someone in her family made them, but that was the first and last time I had them, and then tried for months to recreate them myself, to no avail.

Then I mentioned it to my grandma and tried to explain what they tasted like and what the texture was like, and lo and behold, she said she had a recipe just like that! Apparently she hadn’t made them in years and years because not many people in the family cared for them, which is why I had never tasted them at her house before.

I tried the recipe, and… boom! It was just like what I tasted at my friend’s house and for someone who really, REALLY does not care for lemon-flavored food (neither sweet or savory, just in my ice water, please), the fact that I absolutely love these little soft biscotti says a lot (also, chocolate chips don’t hurt, either).