The Weekend Dish: 8/19/2017

Happy Saturday to you!

First, my apologies for any of you who are subscribed to the BEB emails, as we’ve been experiencing some issues this week. A couple of emails failed to go out, and then some of you received duplicates yesterday. My apologies for the inconveniences, I’m working through the tech issues to get the emails straightened out!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned! Both of the boys were in absolutely fantastic moods yesterday, so I’m hoping that rides on through the weekend 🙂 I made a batch of my favorite banana muffins last night to stash in the freezer, and plan on making my go-to white bread recipe today. What are you up to?

As always, you’ll find a recap of what was posted to the site this week, the most shared recipes, my Sunday dinner menu, and recipes I’ve bookmarked from other blogs. Enjoy!