Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies

This copycat recipe for Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies turns out enormous thick and chewy cookies, loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts, just like the cookies you’ll find at the famous Levain Bakery.

Copycat recipe for Levain bakery chocolate chip cookies

The first time I heard about the Levain Bakery cookies was on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay eons ago… I bet it was at least eight years ago. I never quite got the picture of those massive cookies out of my mind. I still have never been to Levain Bakery, which also means I haven’t had one of their cookies. Still, they tempted me. I kept seeing copycat recipes for the Levain chocolate chip cookies show up on blogs and Pinterest, and I couldn’t escape them.

I finally decided to go all-in and tackle the massive cookies that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I sifted through the mountain of copycat recipes floating around online and settled on this final recipe. If you like huge, chewy cookies packed with chocolate, then these are your heaven.