Perfect Oven Baked Bacon

Making oven baked bacon could not be simpler! This easy recipe results in perfect bacon every single time. You’ll never use the stove or microwave again!

A plate with slices of oven baked bacon.

Growing up, my mom never cooked bacon on the stove, it was always made in the microwave. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never found anything wrong with that – it seems to cook up perfectly crispy each and every time. However, if you need to make a large batch, it takes forever.

I can squeeze a few more slices into my large cast iron skillet, so I started cooking bacon that way. However, it’s insanely messy, also takes a long time standing over the splattering stove, and never seems to cook up evenly – I seem to always burn part of the bacon while part of it remains a little more raw than I’d like.

After experimenting with making oven baked bacon over five years ago, I was 100% sold on making bacon in the oven. It’s the only way I’ve ever made it since. It bakes up evenly and just flat-out perfect every single time.