Grandma’s Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia Salad – My grandma’s recipe for the iconic light and refreshing dessert that includes mandarin oranges, coconut, marshmallows, pineapple and Cool Whip. This five-ingredient dessert takes only five minutes to make and is perfect for serving a crowd!

An overhead shot of ambrosia salad in an orange bowl.

I can’t ever remember a time before ambrosia salad. We’ve been eating it in my family since I was old enough to chew, and most likely, for years or decades before I was even a blip on the radar. It seemed that my grandma could make ambrosia appear out of thin air, and we never ran out. How is that possible?!

Actually, it’s possible when you’re talking about an Italian lady who felt that the best way to show people you love them is to feed them. Then feed them some more. Then, even when they’re so full they can barely speak, you urge them to eat more, claiming that you hardly saw anything on their plate. That’s love.

That, also, is how it comes to be that there is endless supply of whatever you’re serving. God forbid someone might still be hungry and there not be anything left. THAT is the definition of an Italian tragedy.