Ultimate Oreo Cake

The ultimate Oreo cake! Triple layer chocolate cake, cookies and cream filling, chocolate fudge frosting, and white chocolate glaze. Then garnished with more chocolate frosting Oreo cookies.

The Weekend Dish: 9/12/2020

Happy happy weekend to you!! I remarked to my husband at dinner last night that now that Joseph is in school full-time five days a week, the weekends actually sort of mean something again....

Friday Things #388

1. We had the first day of school this week! It seemed like foreverrrrr since the boys had been in school and while we are starting the year remotely, they were so excited to...

A jar of salted caramel sauce with a spoon scooping some out.

Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

This easy salted caramel sauce recipe will change your life! It's perfect to keep in the fridge for ice cream sundaes, eat with a spoon, or give as a gift!

The Weekend Dish: 9/5/2020

It totally didn’t even dawn on me until earlier today that it’s Labor Day weekend; what a ridiculously crazy year this is! I can’t believe that summer is already unofficially over! A few more...

Friday Things #387

1. My trio of racing fanatics ❤️️ 2. Joseph and Dominic both had virtual “meet and greets” with their teachers this week to get ready for school. Joseph’s teacher did an assessment, which was...

Monster Cookies

Monster cookies are everything good that there is about cookie-baking and candy-eating. These classic cookies are loaded with peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms; they bake up soft, chewy, and thick, and are...

New York Crumb Cake

Made completely from scratch, this buttery New York-style crumb cake is topped with a thick layer of crumb that's simply irresistible.

Perfect Quiche Lorraine

A perfect recipe for the French classic, quiche Lorraine - a buttery pie crust filled with a savory custard studded with bacon, Gruyere cheese, and chives. 

The Weekend Dish: 8/29/2020

It’s the last weekend of August, oh my! How did we fly through this summer? Where did it go? Are you doing any end of summer projects? Or things to get ready for fall?...