You want to be a rockstar in the kitchen and feel total confidence when you get in there to make something special for your loved ones. You’ve totally got this!

But… maybe every time you reach for a new recipe you feel a little scattered and not quite as organized as you’d like to be. Maybe there’s an ingredient called for that you’re not familiar with or you can’t find at your grocery store. Perhaps you just don’t have as much time or kitchen space as you’d like.

I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration.

“I made your pavlova recipe today and it was delicious! As usual, your recipe was easy to follow. There’s four of us here and there’s only one third left. It’ll be gone soon. Thanks for another great recipe!“

“We tried your weeknight bolognese recipe yesterday! Ohmygosh, it was so good. My husband is still talking about it this morning.”

“Michelle, just wanted to tell you I made your beef stew recipe this weekend. JUST INCREDIBLE !! The oven method was perfect and truly brought out the flavors.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you that I really love your recipes. I have always loved to cook, but I haven’t been much of a baker. I have been baking more and more and I find that your recipes are always the best.”

Imagine your friends and coworkers gobbling up those special treats that you made for them.

Imagine that the dish you made for Thanksgiving or those cookies for Christmas are all that anyone is talking about and EVERYONE has asked you for the recipe.

Imagine enjoying a slice of warm bread fresh from your oven, slathered in softened butter.

When you become a member of the Brown Eyed Baker community, you’ll experience the joy in creating recipes for family and friends, making the most of time and ingredients available to you, while building your kitchen confidence every step of the way.

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My Kitchen Journey

Growing up, food was the center of life in our family. We gathered at my grandma’s every Sunday where she served up simple dishes – never anything fussy, gourmet or complicated – that have remained family favorites decades later.

Years later, I watched hours upon hours of Food Network, dreaming of all the recipes I would serve my family one day. I didn’t have formal training, but I made bucket lists of recipes to try and joined monthly cooking and baking groups to broaden my horizons. I devoured cookbooks and looked up YouTube videos whenever there was a technique I didn’t understand. I learned a lot by trial and error; when things didn’t work out, I figured out why and tried again until I got it right.

Now, as an almost-40-something wife and mother of three littles, our extended family gathers around OUR dining room table every Sunday and my kids love pushing chairs to the counter to help make meals and desserts. Creating food for both our every day, as well as holidays and special occasions, is something I now do with confidence and joy.

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