BEB Bucket List 2.0 - Come cook and bake along with me!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my old baking and cooking bucket list, which I had dubbed “My 100“. I posted it back in 2008 (NINE years ago, whoa!) as a way to inspire me to tackle new things and track my progress. Since then nearly everything on the list has been crossed off (yay!) and I’ve been wanting to update and expand the list for awhile now.

I’m starting this version with 50 items, and I’m hoping that this time around we can tackle the list together. I’m still working through the details of how it’ll work, but I’m thinking something along the lines of a monthly bucket list challenge, where we all make the same thing, I’ll share the recipe here, and you all can share your results, photos on social media, etc. What do you think?! Would you be down for that?

Let me know, and in the meantime, below is my new bucket list!


1. French Bread

2. Go-to Dinner Rolls

3. Parker House Rolls

4. Sourdough Starter

5. Sourdough Bread


6. Angel Food Cake

7. Apple Cider Doughnuts

8. Baked Alaska

9. Berry Fool

10. Charlotte

11. Churros

12. Clafoutis

13. Creme Caramel

14. Crepes

15. Cronuts

16. Earthquake Cake

17. Funnel Cakes

18. Galette/Crostata

19. Kouign Amann

20. Italian Cream Cake

21. Linzer Cookies

22. “Lush” Dessert

23. Magic Custard Cake

24. Maple Bars

25. Marble Cake

26. Panna Cotta

27. Poached Pears

28. Sfogliatelle

29. Souffle

30. Sweet Almond Pretzel Pastries

31. Tarte Tatin


32. Baked Ham

33. Chicken Parmesan

34. Chicken Pot Pie

35. Coq au Vin

36. Corn Dogs

37. Croque Monsieur

38. Egg Rolls

39. Eggplant Parmesan

40. Fried Rice

41. Gougeres

42. Grilling!

43. Hasselback Potatoes

44. Huevos Rancheros

45. Mexican Street Corn

46. Penne alla Vodka

47. Pot Stickers

48. Spanakopita

49. Stuffed Cabbage

50. Yeasted Waffles

If you have any recipes for these that you think I’d love, please share them below!