Christmas tree lit up at night with presents underneath.

Happy Friday to you!

In lieu of our usual Friday Things, I wanted to share a glimpse into our long holiday weekend with you!

We started off celebrating on Saturday at my grandparents’ house with my dad’s family (there are now four great-grandchildren!), had a low-key Sunday here at home, then went to my mom’s for the traditional seven fishes on Christmas Eve, and had my in-laws here on Christmas Day; my mother-in-law treated us to beef tenderloin and twice-baked potatoes (I made tiramisu for dessert both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… two birds, one stone).

The kids had a fabulous time every single day, enjoying the festivities, getting to play with people they don’t see all the time and, of course, new toys! Can you believe that on Saturday at my grandparents and again at my mom’s on Christmas Eve, Isabelle REFUSED to nap?! She had her regular morning nap at home before we left for both of them, but would not nap again at either place. To my utter amazement, she was SO GOOD. I thought that she would totally melt into a puddle of exhaustion (we left so many places with a screaming, over-tired baby during Joseph’s first year of life, haaaaaaaaa), but she was wonderful. I suppose she didn’t want to miss anything!

Also, after coming downstairs on Christmas morning and confirming that Santa did, indeed, come, both of the boys made a beeline into the kitchen, said they were starving, and wanted to eat breakfast before they opened any presents. Ummmmm…. okay? The kids got up around 7:30am on Christmas morning, and we didn’t even start opening presents until nearly 9:30am. It’s a good thing we didn’t have to go anywhere! ;-)

I hope you enjoy the photos of our holiday! :)

Baby girl sitting on the floor in a white dress with green and red bow.

Boys playing with toy trucks on the floor.

Four kids sitting on steps.

Two toddler boys and a baby girl sitting on the hearth of a fireplace.

Me holding Isabelle on Christmas Eve

Isabelle sitting on the floor in her Christmas dress.

Joseph handing out presents.

Dominic in a superman cape and mask.

Dominic, Isabelle and Joseph in matching Christmas pajamas.

Isabelle with her new life-size teddy bear.

Stocking hanging on the mantle, stuffed with presents.

Dominic and Joseph eating breakfast.

Isabelle in her high chair.

Joseph opening a present.

Isabelle opening a present.

Joseph and Dominic opening a present together.

Dominic and Joseph playing with remote control cars.

Joseph and Dominic sitting on the fireplace together.

Isabelle sitting up on daddy's tummy.