Happy Friday!

I’m not sure where this week went, but I can’t seem to find it in the rearview mirror. It totally sped by. To get the weekend off to an early start, I have some updates and general fun stuff I thought I’d share…

1. I spent some time last weekend reorganizing my Pinterest boards so that the food is easier to find. It took awhile but, ahhh, so good to have them organized! If you haven’t done a “Follow All”, be sure to check out my boards page to make sure you don’t miss any goodies because I added a ton of food-specific boards!

2. Since Instagram is now available to the Android users of the world, you can find me there! I’m under “thebrowneyedbaker” – give me a follow and you’ll probably see a lot of pictures of food and my dog. Case in point – my massive banana waffle breakfast last week:

…aaaaaand Einstein eating his Easter treat:

3. Speaking of Einstein, I had some fun with him the other night. We propped a cookbook under his paws and threw some reading glasses on his mug. He stayed still for approximately 5 seconds, which was long enough for me to snap a couple of photos, including this one where he looks utterly annoyed with me:

Sorry bud!

4. Social media! I have some exciting contests and giveaways that I’m planning in the near future, and many of them will include an element of social media. If you are active on those mediums, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so you don’t miss any of the fun!

5. I’m helping my mom plan a garden for this year – she’s getting some raised beds built for vegetable growing. Yum! We’ve been brainstorming what to plant – peppers, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, some greens for salad. What are some of your favorite things to grow in your garden? I’d love some inspiration!

6. I had my first shopping experience at Anthropologie last week, and wow, how addicting is that store?! I managed to walk out without buying anything, but easily could have bought everything. Dangerous, dangerous store! Items that immediately went to the top of my wishlist:

Color Tab Measuring Spoons:

Cucina Measuring Cups:

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups:

A Real Hoot Canister (love that wink!):

There are a million other things I wanted to buy, and I didn’t even really get a chance to check out the clothes! A return trip is definitely going to be in order.

7. If you’ve been following me for awhile you probably know by now that I’m a hockey nut, and a huge Penguins fan. My sister sent this to me last week, and really, it couldn’t be more appropriate… anyone else??

8. My mom, my sister, my Chief Culinary Consultant and I have been playing a ton of cards lately. Our moms both belonged to card clubs growing up, so we learned to play when we were young. Our game of choice is 500 Bid, which we have discovered seems to be a very regional game, mostly in the Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Ohio region. Have you heard of it? Any other card players out there? What’s your favorite game?

9. I am obsessed with Essie nail polish. I just picked up two new shades from their spring line…

“a crewed interest”:

“tour de finance”:

10. It’s a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh. LET’S GO PENS!