1. Einstein says hello, hello! He and his brother are very excited that there are some snow showers in the forecast for today. No accumulation, but we’re all ready to start seeing the fluffy stuff fall!

2. We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year, so I need to work on my menu this weekend. I might give it a couple of tweaks, but it’s remained pretty much the same for the last handful of years. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it, right?! What are some of your Thanksgiving must-haves?

3. I started watching a few YouTube hair and makeup tutorials in an effort to be a little more put together when I leave the house (do you have any favorites/recommendations?). More so for my hair, since it’s usually either just washed and dried (no styling whatsoever) or in a ponytail. However, on the makeup tutorials, I’ve noticed that like 95% of them include using fake eyelashes. Is this a widespread thing now? I don’t think I foresee myself jumping on that bandwagon.

4. Love these 19 iPhone Tricks and Tips Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know… I knew about some of them, but not all of them!

5. One of the things that I have been secretly craving since I got pregnant is Pop-Tarts. I don’t think I’ve had one since college, but I have ogled them each and every time I’ve walked down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, but never caved. Then last week, a high school friend who is also pregnant posted on Facebook that she was craving Pop-Tarts and went out and bought them. I guess I succumbed to peer pressure, because my next trip to the store after that, I totally grabbed a box, although I still haven’t eaten one. My favorite was always frosted brown sugar cinnamon… yours?

6. On a related note, I love, love, LOVE this post from Steamy Kitchen: Why I Let My Kids Eat Junk Food. (Spoiler alert: it’s not exactly what it sounds like!)

7. I mentioned last week that I had already ordered our Christmas cards… well, they arrived over the weekend and they are already assembled and stamped with return address labels! All that’s left to do is sign them and send them off after Thanksgiving. It feels so great to be ahead of the game on at least one thing ;-)

8. We have been receiving a rather steady flow of baby gifts since our baby shower invitations went out a few weeks ago; I love peeking my head into our spare bedroom and see them all sitting there! Every once in a awhile I sit on the glider (the only thing assembled at this point!) and practice my gliding ;-)  I’ve also started to put together a packing list for my hospital bag… 31 weeks now, things are getting more real by the day!

9. If you have a dog, this is an invaluable resource – what to do if your dog is choking. It goes through the steps to take to dislodge something from their throat, and illustrates how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a dog.

10. TGIF! Hope you have a playful weekend :)

Einstein and Duke playing tug of war with their favorite toy