Joseph David - 4.5 months old

1. Joseph seems to have mastered a new skill this week… rolling over onto his side/belly when he naps. The problem? He can’t figure out how to roll himself back when he’s on his belly (even though he HAS rolled over before), and then flips out when he can’t get himself back over. So, it looks like we’re going to be upping the tummy time game during the day so he has more practice with rolling.

Also, he had absolutely no interest in his Wubbanub pacifiers until a couple of weeks ago, when he realized he could hold them. Now he’s a huge fan :)

2. Since I’m not pregnant this year, I would LOVE a charred hot dog from the grill. It’s the only way I like them!

3. I currently have a new pizza dough rising in the fridge and I can’t wait to see how we like it! Does anyone do pizza Fridays? I think we need to make this a tradition once Joseph is old enough to eat real food :)

4. I first heard about The Subtraction Project from Jen last year at some point, and I absolutely love it. Every few months, there are a week or month’s worth of daily prompts to help you declutter and organize your life. I save the emails and when I have a small chunk of free time, I’ll tackle something easy. If you hate clutter or want to pare down your stuff, definitely sign up!

5. Have you watched any good movies lately? I don’t think we’ve watched one since before Joseph was born, but now that we’ve kind of got a bedtime routine down (most nights), we have a few free hours in the evening after he goes to bed. Lay your recommendations on me!

6. I’m currently craving both the beach and snow… I’m crazy, right?!

7. A number of you have asked if I started posting my Sunday dinner menus… I have! You can find the weekly menu in The Weekend Dish on Saturdays. I hope you enjoy browsing the menu each week!

8. Did you see the story about the Golden Retriever seeing eye dog that threw himself in front of an oncoming bus to keep his owner from harm? Both the dog and the owner survived and will be fine… I just adore those dogs. (And this one looks just like Einstein!)

9. Are you watching the NHL or the NBA finals? We’re catching bits of both… I’m rooting for Tampa Bay and Golden State! What about you?

10. TGIF! Someone’s 2nd birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks!