6 months old! | browneyedbaker.com

1. Joseph turned 6 months old last Sunday! A whole half year… where did it go?! Wasn’t I just in the hospital?? We are loving life with this little guy – he’s so much fun and does something different every day. His cackling giggle is so contagious and he loves Duke and Einstein. He’s rolling himself all over rooms now, and has rocked on his hands and knees in his crib a couple of times, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s on the move!

2. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started Joseph on some solid foods, which he LOVES. I call him my little garbage disposal – he has yet to turn down anything I’ve offered him and he seems to especially love sweet potatoes. Up until this week, I’ve just given him things that can be easily mashed, but yesterday roasted and pureed butternut squash. I’m hoping to get my freezer stocked with a variety of foods for him!

3. I FINALLY got my first soft serve ice cream cone of the summer this week! A vanilla/chocolate twist with chocolate sprinkles – my standing order since I was playing tee ball. So good!

4. This crochet cheat sheet is a fabulous reference! Speaking of crochet, I really need to finish the rainbow blanket for Joseph that I started when I got pregnant now that my carpal tunnel is gone!

5. Have you heard about the vinegar + baking soda method for refreshing bath towels? Our towels have gotten a little stale-smelling (not mildew, but just not fresh), so I decided to give the refresher a try yesterday. Supposedly, it strips out all of the build-up the towels have accumulated and restores them to fluffy, super absorbent status. It totally worked! Here’s what you do:

Run one hot cycle with just 1 cup of white vinegar (no detergent!).
Run another hot cycle with just ½ cup of baking soda (no detergent!).
Wash as usual – do not use fabric softener or dry sheets.

I have a front-loading washing machine, so for the first cycle I poured the vinegar into the liquid detergent tray. For the second cycle, place the baking soda wherever your washing machine instructs you to put powdered detergent (my liquid detergent tray is removed for a larger powdered detergent area).

6. I love these decorating measurement tips >> 25 Need to Know Measurements for Decorating

7. Have you gone to any summer carnivals or fairs? I don’t really remember the last time I went to one (other than a beer festival – does that count?), but I’m suddenly craving the smell of funnel cakes and cotton candy (which, ironically, are two things that I actually do not enjoy eating). I’m sure in a few years, we’ll be dragging Joseph to all sorts of things like that!

8. Have you seen the new Honda commercial where the family is singing Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”? I have seen it umpteen times and now the song is stuck in my head. Also, I had that Weezer CD in high school, so I feel old, considering the commercial is targeting the parents (ahem, me) driving the car and not the teenagers singing in the back seat.

9. How has it been 30 years since Back to the Future came out?? Still one of my favorite old movies, and I can’t believe that the second movie was set in 2015. I loved the first two movies, but never, ever liked the third. Am I the only one??

10. TGIF! Hope you enjoy some snuggles this weekend!

Einstein and Duke morning snuggles | browneyedbaker.com