Joseph David - 7 months old! |

1. Joseph turned 7 months old this week! Taking his monthly pictures are getting more difficult… he’s always moving and they’re coming out more and more blurry :)  Here are some of my favorite “outtakes”:

Joseph 7-month picture outtakes |

2. Poor Einstein is still having some trouble with ear irritation (they get SO red and irritated, but no infection), which the vet thinks is from allergies. A straight-up allergy medicine didn’t do much for him, so now we’re trying a steroid/antihistamine combination with an additional ointment. They’ve definitely improved this week, so hopefully a maintenance dose will work for him until the weather cools off and the allergies die down.

Per usual, he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to the vet…

Einstein enjoying a ride to the vet |

3. I discovered a new email service for daily news – The Skimm. We have the news on a lot during the day, but much of it is background noise, so I enjoy a condensed little email with some of the biggest news each morning, in an easy-to-read format to keep me caught up.

4. Speaking of news, I recently started downloading some podcasts. Do you have any favorites you’d recommend?

5. I am in love with the idea of 1 Second Everyday stringing together a collection of 1-second videos over the course of a year. I wish I had seen this before Joseph was born!

6. Confession – I had to Google “bae” this week. I keep seeing it all over the Internet (mostly Buzzfeed) and am old and clueless.

7. Since my husband and I went out two weekends in a row (whoa!), I had a chance to try out some new makeup samples that had been burning a hole in my makeup drawer. I am probably way behind the times here (see #6 above), but wanted to pass along these two recommendations since I loved them so much!

The stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner is phenomenal! I’m so bad at getting a nice even line, and it looked pretty flawless with this liner.

Benfit Roller Lash mascara – I’ve played around with a lot of different Sephora mascara samples over the last handful of months, and this one, by far, is my favorite. It’s not goopy, the wand isn’t too big or too small, and my eyelashes look totally natural, but amplified.

8. We recently watched the I Am Chris Farley documentary… it was extremely well done and, of course, extremely sad. Loved seeing those old SNL clips again!

9. It’s that time of year… fantasy football! Our league draft is on Wednesday night, and I’m hoping I can get my fantasy mojo back! After multiple years of making the playoffs and a couple Super Bowl runs, I’ve missed the playoffs two years in a row. Womp womp.

10. TGIF! Duke is ready for the weekend!

Duke! |