Joseph David - 8 months old

1. This smile is just the best thing ever. We’re having so much fun with Joseph lately – he’s crawling, standing, climbing, playing… he has seemed much less like a baby and so much more like a little boy.

2. I’m “vertically challenged” at only 5’1, so I enjoyed this (and I’ve totally stood on the bottom shelf at the grocery store!) >> 23 Pictures People Over 5’5″ Never Understand.

3. This video — How Much Product You Should Use — made me realize that I use wayyyyyy too much stuff (and also made me crave a peanut butter cup).

4. I officially feel old >> 17 Things in “Friends” That Aren’t Even a Thing Anymore. Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

5. I’m making a big pot of chili on Sunday, and I’d love to try a new cornbread recipe. Share your favorite below!

6. A few years ago, I attempted to crochet a winter hat for my husband. It turned out… awful. I still haven’t learned to knit… does anyone know of a great crochet pattern for a simple, classic man’s winter hat? I’d love to try again!

7. Are you starting to think about Christmas yet? I’m already dreaming of snow, twinkling lights, Christmas movies and hot chocolate.

8. This is full of great ideas! >> 31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know.

9. The Ultimate Cookie Troubleshooting Guide is full of AMAZING information!

10. TGIF! These dogs love playing with their rings!

Duke and Einstein playing tug of war with their rings