Joseph - 10 months old

  1. Joseph has been having all sorts of fun lately and I’m so excited for his first Christmas! His birthday is right around the corner and I just cannot believe it’s been an entire year since he was born. This time last year I was huge, agonizing over packing my hospital bag, and wondering when I would go into labor. It’s all been a crazy blur but the days that have made up this last year have been the best ever.

2. These gourmet marshmallows and toasted marshmallow milkshakes sound so amazing. I want one of those milkshakes right now!

3. Pinterest has announced what they believe the biggest food trends in 2016… what do you think?! I want someone to pack me a super awesome lunch box.

4. Pittsburgh was named Zagat’s top food city of 2015! I love my hometown and am always thrilled when it gets national attention, especially for FOOD! :)

5. Speaking of best food lists, here’s one for The Best Burger in Every State… great to tuck away for your next road trip!

6. Did you see the Netflix teaser for Fuller House? My 11-year-old self can’t wait to see the new Full House spinoff.

7. I found a great new condiment brand that I’m really liking… Sir Kensington’s. I haven’t tried the mayonnaise yet, but I have tried the Dijon mustard, stone ground mustard (I put it on our cheese board for Thanksgiving!), and the “special sauce”, which is basically a fantastic Big Mac-esque sauce.

8. My fantasy football season came to a screeching halt at the hands of my father-in-law in the first round of the playoffs last weekend. Always next year?

9. Since we hit a wall on Blacklist, we were scrambling for a new show to watch and caught Quantico on Hulu. We started thinking it wasn’t very good, then we got hooked, and now we’re back to not digging it so much. Blah.

10. TGIF! These three were ALL begging for crispy fruit snacks my husband was eating, and when I went to take a picture Joseph totally cheesed for the camera. I can’t stop staring at this picture!

Duke, Joseph & Einstein begging for snacks