Joseph - 13 months

1. I just love this picture of Joseph from last week… he’s been so incredibly happy lately – so many smiles and giggles! He’s been catching on to some commercials on TV and is absolutely enamored with My Pillow. He stops whatever he’s doing and runs over to the television and watches the entire thing, then starts to bounce and dance when the jingle comes on at the end. SO funny! I told him as soon as he gets into a big boy bed, I’ll buy him one :)

2. This article on Serious Eats is a wonderful homage to the history and current food scene in Pittsburgh >> Pittsburgh Rare: A Culinary History of the Steel City. (And yes, I totally put French fries on my salads.)

3. On Tuesday, on my way to the grocery store, my odometer hit the 10,000 mile mark. No, I did not omit a zero. I’ve had this car for two years and have driven it on road trips to Florida and Cincinnati. Long story short: I’m a bit of a homebody :)

4. How many of these have you made? >> 14 Essential Baked Goods Every Baker Should Master. I still need to make grilled flatbread and tarte tatin!

5. Are you going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day next week? What are you making?

6. On that note, I may need to whip up some zeppole next Saturday for St. Joseph’s Day to celebrate my boys :)

7. How to Make Restaurant Quality Milkshakes (+4 Recipes) – Perfect timing, as I’ve been craving a great milkshake!!

How To Make Restaurant Quality Milkshakes + 4 Recipes - Make your own thick and creamy milkshakes. Grab your favorite add-ins and blend away!

8. Sherlock fans! Have you seen these Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bunnies?? Cool or creepy? (I’m leaning in the creepy direction.)

9. Have you watched House of Cards? We are through episode 8 and, no spoilers, but I couldn’t believe the surprise storyline! Totally did not see it coming! I hate that we watch it so quickly and then have to wait a year before the next season, boo…

10. TGIF! I rediscovered this gem earlier this week when looking at old photos from when Duke was a puppy. Gah! Not much has changed… he still bosses Einstein around ;-)

Einstein getting roughed up by puppy Duke!