Einstein sunbathing

1. Someone spent a large amount of time soaking up some sunshine this week! It’s been so long since we’ve had bright rays of sun bursting through the windows, and Einstein wasted no time climbing up onto the stairs to bask in a perfect sun spot.

2. Last weekend my sister made a great big salad with kale, and I admittedly sort of poo-poo’d it before I tried it. Here’s the thing. I like lettuce and raw spinach, but I’ve only ever had bad experiences with other types of greens. I think because I’ve only tried them sautéed or steamed (which I haven’t liked). Turns out, I LOVED the salad. She made it with kale, golden raisins, dried cranberries, pine nuts, feta and a honey vinaigrette. Delicious! I haven’t quite jumped on kale train yet, but that salad was definitely a first step!

3. I’m always adding to the long list of blogs that I follow in my Google Reader, and thought I’d share some new ones that I’ve added over the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t checked them out yet, be sure to visit Gimme Some Oven, Oh, Ladycakes, Sally’s Baking Addiction, Top With Cinnamon, and Verses From My Kitchen for some fabulous recipes!

4. This kitchen island diagram was posted by The Wall Street Journal on Facebook a few days ago:

Kitchen Island

So many fun gadgets, but I would want more counter space! What’s on your dream island wish list?

5. We’re 10 days into Lent, and I’m happy to report that I’m still eating a peanut butter-free diet. Only 37 more days to go!

6. In the past week, I have seen two bloggers post about the chocolate truffle cookies from the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook. I think this is divine intervention telling me I need to buy that book ASAP.

7. My mom had some family over last weekend for a little engagement celebration for my Chief Culinary Consultant and me, and she ordered the most adorable cake! That fake ring totally fits around my wrist; look out, bracelet bling! ;-)

8. Note to self: When you’re trying to do some serious house hunting, turning into neighborhoods where there are estates with mansions will probably be counterproductive. Also, going to the Pittsburgh Auto Show and sitting in $90,000 cars will probably ensure that your next one will fall far below your expectations. I will say, though, that mansion-browsing and sitting in crazy expensive cars make for a pretty fun couple of days :)

9. I have seen on more than one social media account references to “Harlem Shake”, including a news story about some kids getting suspended from school because of something related to it. I feel totally out of the loop; I have NO idea what it is (this, coming from the girl who didn’t see the Gangnam Style video for upwards of 4 months after it was released). In retrospect, I guess I could have easily Googled “Harlem Shake” in the amount of time it just took me to lament that I know nothing about it. Truthfully, it brings me a strange sort of joy to feel like the out-of-touch old lady who can’t understand why guys wear skinny jeans and have shaggy long hair. I’m totally ready for fuddy-duddy land.

10. TGIF! Here’s to finding a spot in the sun this weekend!

"No more pictures, please!"

“Seriously, no more pictures, please!”