Joseph playing in the yard - 15 months

1. Big news! Joseph graduated from his swim class this week! They start to transition toddlers to the next class level around 16 months, and at our class on Wednesday an instructor came over and said she was going to observe him. He got all checkmarks, so to the next class we go! My little fish :)

In other news, we were outside with him a couple of weeks ago and found out that he refuses to walk on grass. I’m not sure if he finds it less “sturdy” than a hard surface, but he just stood there with his feet glued to the ground and refused to move. We’ll have to work on that ;-)

2. I’ve gotten irritated since Joseph was an infant when a delivery person would come to the door and ring the doorbell during one of Joseph’s naps, inevitably waking him up when Einstein and Duke lost their minds and barked like mad. Even a few times when the dogs were outside, the doorbell alone would wake him up. Honestly, I would want to spit fire. It hadn’t happened in quite awhile, but this week a solicitor came the door, the dogs went nuts, Joseph woke up, and I marched straight to my laptop and ordered this sign. Hopefully people actually read it.

3. Have you seen all the hubbub surrounding this woman’s article/book about wanting a “meternity” leave? I’ve particularly enjoyed this response.

4. This is THE BEST gardening cheat sheet I’ve come across >> This Genius Cheat Sheet For Gardeners Tells Where And When To Plant Your Vegetables

5. I was scrolling through Pinterest this week when I saw a copycat recipe for a Wendy’s frosty. I bet I haven’t had one in I bet at least 10 years, but now I’m totally craving one. Are they still as good as I remember?

6. Thanks to everyone for your phone case recommendations a few weeks ago! I ended up getting a Lifeproof case, and am loving it so far. It feels very protected and isn’t too bulky either. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a new case.

7. Do you have any Mother’s Day for this weekend? We’ll be hanging at home with our families for our regular Sunday dinner :)

8. Any Game of Thrones watchers? We’ve been watching from the beginning, although I admittedly sometimes have trouble keeping track of all the storylines and who is aligned with who, etc… but oh my, this past episode. Eek.

9. I am fully engrossed in hockey playoffs, and that, coupled with Joseph’s recent decision to start waking up a full hour earlier than he had been, is leaving me seriously sleep deprived. I really wish there weren’t so many 8pm start times and overtime games!

10. TGIF! Einstein tends to think he’s a cow and grazes when he’s outside ;-)

Einstein grazing on grass...