Joseph working on being smarter than us - he's doing a good job!

1. I’m pretty sure Joseph will be able to figure out SnapChat before I do.

2. So much truth >> What Life is Like Before and After You Get a Dog

3. I’m working on new topics for my Baking Basics series… any requests?!

4. Approximately half of my Facebook friends seem to be at the beach this week, which is making me crave the sand and salty air like crazy. Hopefully next year!


My Childhood Punishments have become my adult goals... totally my life!

6. We’ve been making a ton of stovetop popcorn lately, and my stainless steel pot has taken a beating. Even after washing it and using Bar Keeper’s Friend (which gets EVERYTHING off of my pots), it still has an oily residue both inside AND out. Any tips on how to get that off??

7. Are high-waisted pants a thing now? I’m afraid of the answer because anytime I see someone significantly more fashion-forward than I am (which is, pretty much everyone), especially teens and 20-somethings, they are in high-waisted pants. I cannot do high-waisted pants. I repeat… I CANNOT DO IT. Please don’t let this be a thing.

8. Stories like this about how hot it is in Arizona are a prime example of why I could never make a permanent move south or west.  I need my seasons and I just can’t stand the heat!

9. Did you watch any of the O.J.: Made in America documentary? We got sucked into the American Crime Story movie about him a couple of months ago, and always love the 30 for 30 documentaries, so we hunkered down for the seven-and-a-half hours, and it was worth every single second. Totally fascinating and extremely well-done. Totally recommend!

10. TGIF! Such big lugs!

Such lazy Golden Retrievers!