Joseph and Duke playing before bedtime

1. The older Joseph gets, the more and more he loves interacting with Duke and Einstein, which is so much fun to watch. He loves throwing balls for them, taking one of them the rings so they can play, then he giggles his head off. It’s so awesome.

2. On another note, any tips for clipping a toddler’s nails? Ugh, it’s a major battle every time it needs to be done. Joseph squirms, pulls his hands/feet away, etc. We try putting on cartoons, but he really doesn’t care at all about cartoons.

3. Huge apologies to any of you who are subscribed via email and weren’t getting the daily emails last week… the service I use was having technical issues, which was causing the emails not to go out. Everything appears to be fixed at this point, so you should be receiving them regularly. Again, so so sorry for the inconvenience!

4. Have you checked out Milk Street Kitchen? It’s the new site/magazine being rolled out by Christopher Kimball, the founder of America’s Test Kitchen. It sounds like it’ll be done in the same vein as ATK, Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country, but with updated flavors and less traditional recipes. I’m intrigued, of course! You can sign up for a free copy of the first issue (I think it’s due out in the fall).

5. I went for my 3-hour glucose test yesterday and have my fingers and toes crossed that I passed with flying colors. It wasn’t all too awful – the drink didn’t make me sick, and Quest has a private room with leather recliners and a TV that I could hang out in while I waited between blood draws. The lack of wifi got a big thumbs down though!

6. The Most Popular Food the Year You Were Born >> 1980 = ranch dressing. No wonder I love to dip anything and everything in it!

7. SO… Pokemon Go… Am I just too old to understand the appeal of this?

8. I was gifted a membership to Thrive Market… do you belong? If so, what are some of your favorite things to get from there?

9. Do you have any holiday (October through December) recipe requests? Lay ’em on me! I’m going to be working ahead developing recipes so you have new content to look at while I’m tending to a newborn later this year :)  Let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to see!

10. TGIF! Such serious buddies!

Einstein and Joseph - Serious faces!