Birthday Cake!

1. I blew out 33 candles on Monday and had a fabulous few days celebrating my birthday with my family and my Chief Culinary Consultant. That cake above is my absolute favorite from Oakmont Bakery; I need to work on recreating it so all of you can taste it, as well! Stay tuned!

2. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my plans to hang up the hockey skates for the summer and to begin golf lessons. Well, my CCC made sure I got off on the right foot with this incredible birthday gift:

New golf clubs!

Now, if the snow would just hurry up and thaw, I could start practicing! (Also, I love that there’s pink accents on the bag and on the clubs!)

3. Not only did I get golf clubs, but I also got tickets to Tuesday night’s Penguins’ game. The seats? Right behind the penalty box! So much fun!

Penguins vs Montreal: Seats behind penalty box

4. Keeping in the birthday celebration spirit, my sister is treating me (us) to massages this afternoon. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had one and I cannot wait! My mom got me a couple of awesome back and neck relaxation products from Gaiam, which I am so psyched about. To recap: cake, sports and relaxation are my life.

5. Speaking of massages, I came across this diagram on Pinterest on how to give a reflexology foot massage. Sign me up!

6. Yesterday, I was craving a salad, which is such a rare occurrence that I figured it could only mean that I’ve been eating even worse than I’ve thought lately. Oops! I remedied the situation by eating a massive salad for lunch, but the problem? I love “big salads with lots of stuff” (Seinfeld reference). I’ll throw in carrots, mushrooms and cucumbers, but I also add cheese, crumbled bacon and croutons. Ah well, a big bowl of green is a good start anyway, right? ;-)

7. Are you doing any special Easter baking this weekend? Last night, my mom and I made a couple loaves of my grandma’s bacon and cheese Easter bread, which has always been one of my favorite recipes of hers. I plan on taking my no-bake banana split dessert to my aunt’s on Sunday… it’s always a huge hit! What are you making for the holiday?

8. I’ve been trolling The Container Store website like nobody’s business, as I try to streamline and organize a lot of my stuff, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Truthfully, I could buy the entire store. I’m specifically looking to organize my under-the-sink toiletries; if you have any favorite products, share below!

9. I can’t believe that Monday is actually opening day for the baseball season. I flirted with the idea of buying tickets a month or so ago; given that the forecast for Monday is 39 degrees and a 50% chance of rain, I’m really happy that I didn’t get them. I am looking forward to some warm summer nights at the ballpark this year, though!

10. TGIF! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Source: Jenni Dunning

Source: Jenni Dunning