Dominic - 8 months old

1. I can’t believe this little firecracker is 8 (almost 8.5) months old already! He’s zooming around everywhere (mostly chasing after Joseph and Duke), pulling himself up on furniture, and wants to do whatever Joseph is doing – he adores his big brother, a feeling that is very much reciprocated. Those two are going to have so much fun together.

2. Joseph has another allergist appointment coming up next week for a walnut test. Fingers crossed! He’s been doing great with the almond butter and Honey Nut Cheerios – no issues at all, phew!

3. I usually keep my sports talk saved for the bottom of Fridays Things, but the Penguins winning another Stanley Cup was pretty much the pinnacle of our week, so I couldn’t wait! It seemed absolutely improbable that we could win this year, so I’m stunned and elated and so very excited! It’s no secret that I’m totally emotionally invested in my hockey team, so watching the last few games have been so heart-pounding… I’m almost sad the season is over. When the season schedule comes out, I put it in my Google calendar, and I rarely miss watching a game (I know, I’m crazy diehard!); already looking forward to it again!

4. So, I’ve been entirely unproductive this week. Most of my time not spent wrangling children has been spent on Twitter and Instagram following the Stanley Cup around and hearing about all of the behind the scenes stuff. I need to get back on an organized routine, ha!

5. On that note, I came across this pretty cool exercise for small business owners that helps you identify the type of brand personality your business has >> Brandality Quiz. Fun to do if you have a business!

6. Talk to me about Fitbits. Do you have one? I’m contemplating getting one to motivate me to hit the treadmill more (or, actually, at all), and I’m wondering how helpful/useful it might be?

7. I want to get a pair of aviator sunglasses, but I have a really small face, and it’s so hard for me to find sunglasses (which is why I’ve had the same pair since 2012, that I have miraculously not lost or broken)… any other small-face ladies out there who successfully wear aviators? I know Rayban sells “junior” size and am not sure if that could work?

8. The hot weather this week has me seriously craving a pool. One day!

9. Due to all of the sports-watching we’ve been doing, we haven’t gotten past the first episode of House of Cards, but I’m hoping to get going on it within the next few days. We watched an actual MOVIE (like maybe only the 2nd or 3rd in the last year? Nothing that comes out sounds good!) last weekend – Jason Bourne (we’re huge fans of the Bourne movies) – and thought it was fantastic.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a fun weekend!